York Cocoa House

3 Blake Street, York, Yorkshire YO1 8QJ
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Opened 24th November 2011, York Cocoa House is a 17th Century style cocoa house and cafe.

Details from the press release:

“Thursday 24th November saw the opening of York Cocoa House, a new 17th century style cocoa-house, which promises to add a new dimension to York’s chocolate heritage.

Situated on Blake Street, York Cocoa House is the brainchild of Sophie Jewett, founder of the independent chocolatier, Little Pretty Things. Through York Cocoa House, Sophie hopes to educate people on the history and process of making quality chocolate, as well as showcasing the skills of local chocolatiers – and where better to do this than the UK’s ‘chocolate city’.

In a prime position on Blake Street, visitors to York Cocoa House can take part in chocolate-making workshops, watch local chocolatiers practicing their craft, as well as enjoying a range of chocolate drinks and sweet and savoury chocolate-based delights in the cafe.

The opening was ‘choc-a-block’; as part of the celebratory launch visitors were invited to try their hand at chocolate-making or sample some delicious chocolate wine renowned for its health benefits, served by a traditionally-dressed, Georgian chocolate girl.

On the opening of York Cocoa House, Sophie said: “York’s fantastic chocolate history is really something to shout about. Between the 17th and 19th centuries people used to take chocolate for medicinal purposes and York was a hotbed of cocoa-houses.

“Good quality chocolate is something I feel very passionate about and there is a real demand for. There still remains a lot of mystery around chocolate and at York Cocoa House I hope to emerge customers in the heritage as well as educating and inspiring people via the chocolate-making process” continued Sophie.
As part of the quest to promote York as a chocolate city, Sophie is also involved in organising York’s very first chocolate festival, taking place next year.”

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