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Royal Arcade, Cardiff, South Glamorgan CF101AE
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This shop opened in early 2010 and looks promising from the outside, with its news articles stuck in the windows encouraging people to avoid palm oil in their chocolate. Inside there is a counter full of Belgian chocolates. There is also a fridge holding the truffles they make themselves. You can’t see them as they are hidden in smart, black branded boxes. They come in milk, whiskey, coffee and champagne varieties and, I’m told, use Ecuadorian chocolate, which they get through a direct relationship in Ecuador. I was offered the milk truffle to taste, it was dark to look at so I only realized it was milk on trying it. Served in the way of Jacques Genin in Paris, with no chocolate coating, just a square of pure ganache. This will dramatically reduce the shelf life, but it does look interesting.

I also picked up a bar of their plain dark bar. Very dark in colour it was nice enough but a bit one-dimensional in flavor. They also melt chocolate into slabs and add fruit and nuts or a pretty cocoa butter transfer and break the pieces and wrap into bouquets, a pretty gift of what I hope is good chocolate.

The owners have fantastic intentions and are very eager. There truffles are great and would make a lovely gift, as would the bouqets. Any further comments from people who have visited are appreciated.

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