Vosges (Spring Street)

132 Spring Street New York, NY 10012-3810
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This shop is beautiful. I had tried Vosges bars before (the first chocolate bar with bacon I tried), but never their fresh chocolates. The fresh chocolates are superb. The ice cream is pretty darn good too.

I could definitely sit in here and spend some time with friends enjoying hot chocolate or ice cream. There’s a cute little section at the back with a random assortment of clothes, books and odds and ends that you can buy too. Quirky, but it works.

Everywhere in the US you tend to get good service but the best service I had in a chocolate shop in New York was in the Spring Street store. The girl who served me had been with Vosges for a few years and clearly loved her job. Everyone I met on the stand at the NY Fancy Food Show, including Katrina’s husband, were fantastic too.

If it’s still there, try the Italian selection. I really liked the chocolate with cheese. Another “quirky but it works”.

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