The Chocolate Factory

Kingsway, Swansea West Industrial Park, Swansea SA5 4DL
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From their website:

“Take a tour of Wales’ leading chocolate factory and find out exactly how chocolate is made. Learn about the fascinating history of chocolate, just how and where in the world the fantastic cocoa beans grow, the guilty pleasures of the ancient Aztecs, Columbus’ big discovery, and lots, lots more.

You will get to see a real working chocolate factory, smell delicious chocolate being melted in our giant chocolate kettles, and taste all the different types of chocolate we provide. Uncover the secrets to making great chocolate and many other tricks of the trade from chocolate bar manufacture to creating a hollow Easter egg.

And, of course, we promise lots and lots of chocolate samples to feast on throughout your visit!

Public tours run at set times on Mondays to Friday. All bookings MUST be made in advance by telephone!”

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