Patisserie Canet

25 Boulevard Gambetta, 06200 Nice, France
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“A third generation patissier, Christophe Canet’s family has been creating traditional French pastries since 1927.”

I discovered this shop by chance on a trip to Nice in 2007 and loved their chocolates. It’s too long ago for me to remember well but the pictures should help. We would love to hear of anyone who has been more recently!

Patisserie Canet, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. Susanna rice says:

    I would first like to say how friendly and nice the staff at the Nice store was. All of the chocolates looked amazing and the store was well decorated. I stopped into the store with my friend and decided to take home a gift of chocolate to my parents for their wedding anniversary. My friend bought a chocolate bear on a stick and I bought a bar of chocolate with pistachios, walnuts, orange confit and many more ingrediants. It looked delicious! Unfortunately, upon opening the package and snapping off a square a live maggot fell out and started crawling away and cobwebs were discovered on the bar. I have photographic evidence. Be weary of buying anything prepackaged, it was only in a cardboard box and wasn’t sealed in any way. I was very disappointed.

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