Papa Chocolat

#226, 10816 Macleod Trail South Calgary, Alberta
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World Chocolate Guide contributor Kimberley writes:

Papa Chocolat is the new shop by Master Chocolatier Bernard Callebaut. After publicized reports of his financial difficulties in the last few years Bernard has revived his chocolate business under the moniker ‘Papa Chocolat’ and carries on the tradition of “five generations of chocolate history”.

Originally hailing from Belgium and possessing an iconic name in the world of gourmet chocolate, Callebaut has become synonymous with filled chocolates in the chocolate-friendly cool and dry climate of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In the past 25 years Bernard has received several accolades including the Grand Prix International Artisan Chocolatier award in 1998-the only North American to have received such an award.

Currently Papa Chocolat offers filled chocolates, solid chocolate pieces in the shape of seasonal themes and baking chocolate.

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