Oriol Balaguer (Plaça de Sant Gregori Taumaturg)

Plaça de Sant Gregori Taumaturg, 2, 08021 Barcelona
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There are two locations of Oriol Balageur but this is the real one. The other is the front to his workshop and while they can sell you stuff from there, what is on display is limited.

This shop is the pretty one. Once inside the door it’s almost impossible to move. In the middle of the room is a glass-topped table, beneath which the chocolate treasures are displayed, tantalisingly. Along the walls the shelves are filled with more ready-wrapped chocolate treats. One wall houses the cake cabinet, housing an enormous assortment of petit fours, individual cakes and giant cakes. I bought a selection of small cakes to take back for my birthday lunch in London the next day. Unfortunately they got smushed before I even made it to the airport so I only shared them with one friend who I knew wouldn’t mind the mess! They were absolutely delicious.

Oriol’s signature chocolates in cocoa bean-shaped moulds win accolades the world over but they are not my favourite chocolates. I am going to be forever enamoured, however, with his clear packages filled with chocolate biscuit bars. I don’t know how to describe what I had from memory except that it was dark chocolate, biscuit and raspberry pieces (dried) and it was crunchy and perfectly balanced and oh so moreish.

You can also buy fresh croissant and other pastries here. I bought a pastry traditional to the area but it wasn’t really to my taste.

It is a stunning shop and if you are visiting people in Barcelona then I would highly recommend taking them a cake (or selection of) from here.

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