Odile Chocolat

829 Dundas Street West; Toronto, ON M6J 1V4
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World Chocolate Guide contributor Kimberley write:

“A boutique chocolate shop with a variety of handmade truffles, caramels, chocolate-coated candied fruits and hot chocolate. In addition to a retail outlet they also supply specialty food shops with their goods.

Odile proclaims on its website that they use 54% Callebaut chocolate (unless otherwise noted). When I spoke with the owner she talked passionately of her love of quality chocolate and vanilla (Tahitian and Madagascar vanilla beans were for sale when I was there). This is evident in the final products.

Their motto is “Try one, give in to temptation.” I gave into temptation and tried several. Highlights include Bollywood (cardamom and silver leaf) and Mushroom (Wild Canadian black trumpet mushrooms). Many of the truffles are built around a flavour profile iconic of a particular region e.g. Caribbean, Japan, Canada.”

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