M&M’s World (London)

Leicester Square, London WC2, United Kingdom
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This 35,000 square feet store selling M&Ms products and merchandise is the largest candy store in the world.

The majority of the store is taken up by rather expensive merchandise (for example; £7 for an M&M branded plastic bowl, £30 for a plastic bracelet), T-shirts, soft toys and M&M characters in all shapes and sizes. The staff cheer and dance a lot, presumably in an effort to bring a Disney-like atmosphere to the place; something that’s difficult to carry off on a cold and miserable day in London.

Of course, you can actually buy M&M’s here. As well as M&M filled plastic boxes in every size & shape imaginable, one corner of the shop is devoted to huge glass cylinders filled with M&M’s in a multitude of colours. But none of the more exotic American flavours are currently available, due (as I understand it) to EU restrictions on the sale some of the additives used.

This shop is aimed squarely at tourists and those with small children, in a similar fashion to Cadbury World. It’s probably not a place for real chocolate lovers, and definitely not somewhere for those who suffer from migraines or anxiety related disorders. Those with kids will love the bright colours and loud noises, but if that’s not your thing, this might not be your kind of place.

Buying M&M’s Online

We’re often asked where M&M’s and M&M merchandise can be purchased online. The merchandise is not currently available to buy online, but you can buy personalised M&M’s here. Perfect for parties, special events or a unique gift. Save £10 when you spend over £60 with voucher code MYMMS4. Offer ends 5th February.

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London, 7.8 out of 10 based on 207 ratings

Signature Chocolate

Huge glass cylinders packed full of M&M's in a rainbow of colours, merchandise branded with M&M characters and collectible boxes full of candy.

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  1. Robert Kirkwood says:

    I really loved the experience a real injection of fun and excitement into a tired part of the West End.

  2. mark lang says:

    My family had lots of good fun here.

    • Kieran says:

      Me and my family too! (especially me).

    • Will Parker says:

      Lots of good fun! Lots!? What are you talking about? It’s just tat, worthless tat. Maybe take your family somewhere that isn’t a total waste of time?

      • Ginny says:

        I personally really enjoyed it and I would say that is a rather bias opinion – we all have different views, yet I think you may have been abit more subtle in the way you just expressed that.

        Moving on, yes, me and my family really enjoyed it when we went up this week. It was a great experience and certainly NOT a waste of time. Sure, it was rather expensive, however at a branded and a big store, prices need to cover expences, repairs and also make a sustainable profit. I positively reccommend it if you are travelling that way.

      • George says:

        You don’t know what you are on about, m&m world is amassing!!!

  3. John says:

    But did anyone actually buy anything?

    I doubt this store will last too long.

    • Dom Ramsey says:

      Slightly ashamed to admit I was in there again sheltering from the rain today. Lots of people, but nobody seemed to be buying much.

      On the plus side, the staff were a little quieter, although dancing in the middle of a crowded shop is only marginally less annoying than screaming.

      • kieran says:

        hey, wait a minute. just cuz you see a lot of people looking does not mean they are not buying things. you will be surprised at how much is brought.

    • Kieran says:

      I have the: Green M&M Teddy, Blue M&M Teddy, Yellow M&M Teddy, Green Ruler, Blue Ruler, Yellow Ruler, Red Ruler etc etc etc etc etc etc.

      I shall visit again and again starting last week. :) :) :)

    • Sarah says:

      i dunno if they r giving free stuff but i ALWAYS see M and M world bags on oxford street….so i think they are (that or the give stuff out for free)

      • Charly says:

        They often have special offers on. Recently there was an offer to buy 500g of peanut chocolate worth £10.50 for just £1 !!!

    • James says:

      My parents bought me a t-shirt and i wish to go there sometime

  4. Daniel Stephens says:

    Totally agree with Mr Kirkwood. The chocolate wall is well worth a look. The staff are having a great time and you’re certainly made to feel welcome. A fantastic lively atmosphere.

  5. Annoymous says:

    LOOL I find this really funny because I actually work there. I’ve got a few comments on statements you’ve made..
    For 1 you called the items in store ‘plastic junk’ if you are not an M&Ms fan or if you dont really enjoy going to the Disney Store then you wont really ever value what we sell at M&Ms World. I would like to refer to them as uhmm somewhat collectables rather than ‘junk’. One man’s junk is anothers treasure.
    The singing, dancing, happiness etc, if that bothers you, I would simply say stick to a store where customer service is boring. We’re happy to be there, if you aint happy cause we’re happy, like I said, stick to something more boring.
    Oh yeahh about it ‘not working in London’ clearly it does because we get hundreds of customers a day, so clearly we’re doing something right ;)
    Oh & about the flavours, we only opened on Monday as a soft opening, our grand opening is in July & during this time more flavour will be in store. Dunna where you got the info about there being problems blah blah blah. Clearly thats false information. But anywhooo enough about that, I can truly say I love working in my store. If YOU dont like it, simply dont come.

    • Kevin says:

      I am sure your Boss would just LOVE your approach to customer services

      **rolls eyes**

      and to send people “where the customer service is “boring” really wasnt a good statement, I am a HUGE M&Ms fan but i dont need sickly in your face Disney-eque staff to serve me, or “entertain” me

      • Tara says:

        They’re trying to make the store fun and welcoming; if you don’t like that type of atmosphere or the “Disney-like” theme to it, then shop online.

      • Annoymous says:

        Well like Tara said, stay behind that computer screen. Then you can get the things you love with no hassle..

        • Grace says:

          I Dunno How It is But Im Going There Today Make U See Me Wearing A nice Daisy Duck Top Ill Review When I Come Back Cause I KNOW My Stuff. And I Love Colourful Places And Singing And Dancing And Enetertainment. Plus To All Us Hating On The Entertainment Be Gratefull Cause The ENtertainment Is FREE(hopefully) Soo Can’t WaiT!!!

        • emo chick says:

          well i love this shop and YOU CANT BUY ONLINE so u have to go to the shop ………………………………………………. but thats a good thing ………………………………………………………………………… right ?? <3 :)

      • anon says:

        your a weirdo.
        m&m and disney store a sic!!!!!
        your messed up, so what if the staff are saying that wat r u gonna get him fired its anon so you cant do anything anyway.you waster of spce get a life. if you dont like it go away

      • lucky says:

        its all about entertainmet mate……

        • Alfster says:

          Hey Peeps! Im actually going there tomorrow!! It looks awesome and I really am looking forward to it however my concerns are basically is it worth it?? Like I dont mean it how it sounds, what excacley is there to do there?? obviously Look at everything and take a tour but like is that it?? Is there anything to kind of do their like what kind of entertainment??? It sounds cool just wondering though??

      • Marie Dargan says:

        @ Kim, it takes special gifted people to work with the public because a lot of times they have to deal with customers such as yourself. we thrive on customer service because we like to make sure our customers are happy and are able to find what they are looking for. I get offended if I walk into a store and I’m not greeted by a employee. I love to see their wonderful smiles… makes me feel comfortable shopping in their store. if you don’t like the friendly customer service then shop some where else. so far as us over-helpful U.S.A. style customer service reps. I’m glad we know how to treat customers make them feel special and put a smile on their face. some of them may have had a bad day and that one little gesture of a smile could possibly brighten their day so stop being such a downer.

    • DaniiAmyy says:

      I completely agree with you here! I personally prefer happy staff, makes you feel welcome and also entertain brings you custom! I will be visiting the shop in a couple of weekends time and to be honest i cannot wait! I keep talking about it to my parents and everyone! I wanted to make the opneing but was on a flight back from Kos Greece. Annoyed i missed My favourite band JLS opening my favourite sweets/chocolate. But hey hoe. I think opening this shop was a great idea and giving London some more colour! Can’t wait to see all the different colour m&m’s! Going to be great and i will certainly be buying something. Again this is another London’s tourist attraction if you enter the shop you don’t need to buy anything so people are welcome just to go in and look, people commenting are making it sound like a bad thing and i do see this shop lasting here in London for ages!

    • josie says:

      But do you have peanut butter M&M’s

    • SIMON says:


    • Lillie-Jane says:

      Woo Hoo ! You Rock Annonamous!

    • Lillie-Jane says:

      All you negative people brighten up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am only giving it 8 stars cos its overpriced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sharon says:

      oh you may be the person to talk to. im trying to find your website i followed the one on my bag when i bought something but it seems american aqnd they doesnt seem much to buy. im after some m and m peanuts and childrens pyjamas as cant get back to the store i live nr leeds. i cannot find pyjamas on the website can you help?

    • stuart says:

      Bad customer service! You should be ashamed with your comments that customers can read. I am sure your bosses would be mortified to read what you have said to potential customers and you need to check your spelling and grammar.

      Will be giving your store a wide birth!


    • luwam says:

      OMG @Annoymous ur answers are just satisfying…. makes me wanna eat moree M&M’s :)))) i am actualy a big fan on m&m chocolates i already got the m&m robe and a Pj and loving it…..keep it up. working there is like a dream come trueeeeeeeeeeee xxxxx

    • amy lee says:

      go brother i love the shop too its awesome i brought so many things that all together it cost about 70 pounds i loved it and i loved the customer service dancing and all that.

    • Johnson Kam says:

      Do all staff wear uniform? Even the ones in back office?

  6. Kieran says:

    OMG!!!!!! the M&M Store is amaaaaazzzzziiiiinnnggggg!!!!! I visited the store in Orlando Florida. Since then I have been totally addicted. I really think the M&M store is a great store and I love it. There is nothing like it in London. It is a MUST see!!!

  7. Lola says:

    I was there today. Completely by accident, whilst escaping the rain. Had no idea that it existed but I really loved it (however I am a very excitable person) my friends enjoyed it too. I suppose that if you don’t like loud places or crowds then you won’t enjoy it. I will definitely be visiting again when I actually have money. (Also I loved the staff. So friendly!)

  8. Bee says:

    One thing for sure is that I was disappointed at MnM as my teenage daughter wanted to be one of the first in the store and I had put July in my diary! She has brought so many items already and was looking forward to being there on the big day-what happened??!

    That said, we were in town last week and noticed a random shopper with an MnM bag on Regents Street. We ran to the store as we had but 20 mins left before the store closed. we made it and boy did we have a blast. There was floor after floor of fun stuff. So many characters to take pics with and lots on offer apart from the sweets. The colour mood analyzer is brilliant and everyone should have a go. The staff were all ‘american style’ happy, cheerfull and very welcoming. In fact they were the same and smiley even as we left. I will definitely be going to the store again. You would be mad not to. Ciao from Richmond.

    • May says:

      The first part of this reminds me of a ‘Veruca Salt’ type character. ‘DADDY, I WANTED TO BE THE FIRST ONE IN THE SHOP.’ Kids, pah.

      • Bee says:

        Not quite! She’s just an avid fan. MnM were due to open in .July and opened a month early, unfair when your child is saving up for the big day and me too lol

        • Anon says:


          I actually work at M & M’s world (since it first opened) and we didnt really “open early”. Yes you’re right we were open for business, but there were no advertisments and marketing for the June opening. That was all towards the July opening. As it is a completely brand new store in LONDON, it was to help the company and staff get familiar with the business (eg. using tills, service, product awareness etc.) before the actual opening so there wouldn’t be so many errors from staff with the hundreds of guests we knew would be coming on the opening.

          Have a colourful day! :)

  9. Tara says:

    I’ve been to the one in Vegas (years ago), the one in New York recently, and was super excited to see what this one had to offer. It was definately loud and really busy, but so much fun! The staff were friendly, enthusiastic, singing, dancing, etc. The shop is definately better set up than the New York location and has much more city themed merchandise. It’s definately built for tourists and M&M lovers, and not grumpy old people who think its just a bunch of over priced plastic! Just because its not your cuppa tea, doesn’t mean other people won’t love it! It’s an amazing store, if you’re fun, an M&M’s fan, or just like to be in a welcoming, loud, party type atmosphere, definately a must! If not, like the employee above said, go somewhere else. I’m sure somewhere quiet and boring would love to have you!!

  10. Claire Merrifield says:

    We walked past your shop today by accident we were just wasting time waiting for lunch and could not resist going in i was amazed by the size of the place and i walked round like a 10 year old ( i am a grown adult oops). Lots of fun looking at all the m&m figures and the staff were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend everyone to go and have a look round.

  11. Georgie says:

    A fantastic experience and well worth a visit. I went yesterday and had a Fab time, my family were very pleased with the goodies I bought them. The staff seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as the customers were in the fun and lively atmosphere in the colourful store. WELL DONE M&M’s now I have to return with my children and camera LOVE IT

  12. Julie says:

    Loved it, went in at 11pm, Thursday 23rd June and loads of people still in. Cant wait to go again and take my hubby.

  13. Cas says:

    Bright cheerful shop with friendly, helpful staff. A new must see place in London!
    Compare this with overpriced “attractions” like Kensington Place that is currently opened despite going through a refit.

  14. Is says:

    the shop was sooo much fun! staff were always smiling and dancing to the beat :)

  15. Jake says:

    I have loads of m&m things. I went to m&m world las vegas as well as the london one.

  16. DC says:

    I’m trying to find the website for the M & M London store, specifically looking for London M & M Candy dispensers, help!

  17. beth says:

    love this shop sssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo munch :]

  18. amy and lella says:

    just found out about M&M world! we cannot wait to come down and join the festivities! it sounds and looks like such fun! i think all the people who are putting a dampener on it should just chill out and take it for what it is, its meant to be fun and child freindly- just enjoy the place! cant wait to get there and stock up on 1 of our fav choc’s :)

  19. m&mlover says:


    I was wondering if anyone new the times, dates and prices to get in as i dont think there is a website :L ThankYou x

    • Dom Ramsey says:

      You’re right, there’s no official website, but opening times & directions are in the right sidebar of this page.

      It’s just a shop, so there’s no entry fee or anything, but the merchandise isn’t cheap, so take plenty of spending money if you’re planning on buying things!

  20. R+E says:

    Well, i am going on wednesdayn and i am very excited. Surely the shop is doing something right when it is one of the main stores in Times Square. It Obviously looks like a fun shop from the outside, so if you dont like it, dont shop there.

  21. R+E says:

    Well, i am going on wednesday and i am very excited. Surely the shop is doing something right when it is one of the main stores in Times Square. It Obviously looks like a fun shop from the outside, so if you dont like it, dont shop there.

  22. amaia says:

    really disappointed! We went yesterday ay 17.35 to have a quick look at it and buy some chocolate for my daughter. The security staff at the door will not let anyone come in because as they said ” it was closed”, but after asking them what time the shop closed, they confirm to us that it was 18:00 as we already knew. Their excuse: the close need to be empty by 6 o clock if not the staff have to stay longer. If your opening times says you close at 6 , doors should be open until 6, if u want the shop to be “evacuated” ( this is the word they used) by 6, stated in you shop that you closed early than that> we went to the centre just for that. Nevertheless to say, that i wont be going or buying from them again and I will recomend everyone to do the same.they just made us loose our time

    • tara says:

      there’s a reason why the store has to be empty at 6 (on sunday) that the security guard doesn’t sound like he was familiar with. trading laws mean stores over a certain size are legally only allowed to trade for 6 hours on a sunday. once the 6 hours have passed, the staff aren’t able to offer you any kind of service at all. i’d be pretty annoyed if i made a trip especially only to be told actually we’re closing early so the staff don’t have to stay but actually there’s a very valid reason for the doors to be closed a little earlier than advertised.

  23. Charlotte says:

    Hi, I am thinking about visiting the shop in the summer holidays just for something to do with my friends. Obviously as teenagers we don’t have mountains of money to spend on stuff. Is there other stuff there to do other than just look at the stuff to buy? Also, if you have any other places in London to visit which we could spend all day doing, please let us know!


    • Dom Ramsey says:

      It is pretty much just a shop, so there’s not a lot else to do there and the merchandise isn’t cheap at all! But there’s plenty else to do in the Leicester Square area, so I’d say it’s probably worth going even if you don’t spend all your time in the shop.

      I’m no longer a teenager (!) and have no idea what kind of things you like, but being a chocolate site, we do recommend walking a couple of minutes up the road to Paul A. Young’s shop and treating yourself if you’re in the area.

  24. Carla says:

    I was so excited to hear that there was an M&M’s world due to open 20 from my home, but have just read that they dont sell peanut butter M&M’s!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was the only reason for my excitment as I have a real addiction for them (only the peanut butter one’s) and thought they would have stocked it??? ATM can only purchase from house of fraiser or on line and both cost a furtune.

    Can anyone tell me if this is FACT so I can stop my dreamin………..xxxxxxxxx

    • Paul says:

      I was there yesterday and I even asked if they sell peanut butter m&ms, sadly the response was “no, not yet”… when surrounded by 100 flavors I couldn’t help but think they got their priorities wrong!

      All the deals online do seem to be a rip off, just found a 1.2kg bag for £35 with postage, It cost me £8 for a bag of the same size out there a few weeks ago!

    • Charly says:

      They can’t sell peanut butter m&m’s in the store YET because they get all their chocolate imported from France rather than America, as France is obviously closer. At the moment, they cannot make the PB m&m’s in France because it breaches EU laws about certain colourings etc which are added to the candy. I don’t think it’d be very convenient for them to be importing bulks and bulks of peanut butter m&m’s from America the way they import from France. If M&M World were to import peanut butter m&m’s the way that much smaller candy shops in London do, they would simply not be able to meet the high demand. They are doing their best, however, to try and get the PB m&m’s, to fulfil customer satisfaction. The saying “Give a mouse a cookie, it wants a glass of milk” springs to mind. Be grateful they have like 22 different colours of peanut and milk chocolate m&m’s available (which is more variety than in any other M&M world), rather than complaining about how they don’t have the other flavours yet. They also now have CRISPY m&m’s but only in the 6 colours (character colours) so enjoy that in the meantime!

  25. kianna says:

    I really can’t wait to vist it looks like great FUN!!!!!!!!!

    • amon says:

      hi i have been to m&m’s world in LONDON many times and i do recommend this place but 2 things i have a problem with is that the things are a rip off !! i was going to the national art gallery and thought that i should go m&m’s world i didn’t have much money on me and promised my kids that i would buy them a big bag each of choc’s ( BIG MISTAKE) as soon as i filled the 2 bags up i went to pay and the cost came up to £37.69 !!! i did not know what to do as i promised but i told them that so and so . surprisingly they didn’t mind ! an the other thing is the that it is ALWAYS PACKED !!!!

  26. lynsababe says:

    I went to try to find something ‘different’ I love MnMs and the characters, and as I live as far south as it’s possible to be without getting your feet wet and often travel on the ferries to France and back, they sell some MnMs stuff on board, but nothing like the stuff in the London shop – I haven’t been to the American stores so I thought this might be an experience…… I simply wasn’t prepared for all that the store has to offer. Those people who do not like the dancing happy staff, can just go about their business, I thought it was great – but might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Anyway, I need to go back (every month after payday). I am not a youngster (mid fifties in years – mid teens in attitude) the stationary area alone is worth a few hours of your time. I ‘forgot’ to eat at lunchtime, so I had to eat some of my precious ‘gifts’ on the way home. I don’t know I try to kid myself they were all for ME! ME! ME!!!

  27. Nicola says:

    Very excited to hear M&M shop has opened in London. We visited the New York store, many times during our visit there and yes it was loud and over the top but we loved it for what it was!! We can’t wait to visit the London branch and hope that all flavours will be available when we do. Its good to hear about shops opening rather than closing for a change. I wish the store the best of luck and hope to visit soon.!!

  28. lulu says:

    I went today, there was no cheering and dancing from the staff, in fact the one I saw near the tubes of M&Ms was looking pretty miserable. Some poor bloke knocked something off a shelf and looked pretty terrified when he saw the price on it. As for this staff member putting on here that the other flavours are coming in July, well it’s July, the flavours aint there so we walked down the road and bought the ones we wanted there cos they had them :D

    • Charly says:

      I guess you have to take into account that the staff must be so exhausted from being happy all the time and pleasing all the customers. Also did you visit on a weekday? There’s probably not much stuff for the staff to do in the store if it’s not busy on the weekday, which is probably why that guy seemed so “miserable”. Also, I know for a fact that when customers accidentally damage something or knock over the chocolate, they do not have to pay for the damage. I think that’s really nice that they acknowledge it was only an accident, because other shops would jump at the chance to charge customers for the damage.

  29. Alex says:

    My friend and I visited the store on Friday and, although an unplanned visit, we had THE BEST time in there and ended up spending just over an hour wondering around having our pictures taken with the life size M & Ms and also meeting the M & M wondering around the store. I know the stuff is expensive but then so are most things these days. I did purchase an item for a keep sake and will definitely go back again as it is like a happy place and for people wanting to think I am deranged go ahead I probably am but I would rather be happy and easy to please than miserable and boring!

  30. Emma says:

    This store is Brillant. Went with my son and it really cheered me up. Look forward to going again. The staff and atmosphere where lively and helpful we had a real get time a much needed store for London :-)

    Well Done M&M’s world

  31. Kay says:

    I went into the store on Wednesday and was amazed at how much merchandise they had in there. There was everything you could think of, from tableware to nightwear. Its a very colourful store which is on 4 levels!

    Now, the most important part: the prices are far too expensive, £7.95 for a small plastic box full of sweets with a m&m character on top. It is too overpriced for ‘ordinary people’. If you have money then you’d love it, but you do need a lot of money. I would of loved to have bought something for the grandchildren but with those prices I couldn’t afford it. The other down side is that it isn’t very disabled friendly. I use a walking stick and found it quiet difficult trying to get around some of the displays. I would have to say I will never go in there again.

    • Sarah says:

      The statues of characters are against the wall….how would you be able to walk around them anyway? and thier is lifts for disabled people…please dont try suger coat the situation. Ive been in there and there alot of space and theres nothing in your way except from other customers. :)

  32. Paul McStay says:

    Dropped into M&M shop last week while on holiday in London and was absolutely amazed at the place. It is fantastic and really worth a visit. Its fairly expensive I suppose but most of those kind of shops are normally. But a great experience and we did buy a fair amount of stuff to bring home as presents. Love the back end of the routemaster bus as you walk through the front door. A great shop for London to have and should be a great tourist attraction.

  33. Stefan says:

    Ich freue mich schon auf meinen nächsten Besuch in London.
    I am looking forwar for my next trip to London. A must to go.

  34. Paul says:

    I Love the New York store and still have a glass that I bought from there! ignore the pun I’m in for a treat on Wednesday, looking forward going. I’m going to post on here what I think too!

  35. Tommy says:

    Hi everybody! I’m from Italy and i will be in London in August!
    Does anybody know how much the “Royal Guard” soft toy cost??

  36. William says:

    I’m appaulled by the service in this store! I found hair in my chocolate from the dispensers which seem to belong to a black female by the looks of it. I was shocked to go home and hand my kids the chocolates and later find hair in the bag! I haven’t returned because the place isn’t worth my time as it lacks serious hygiene. Check what your buying people.

    • Kenneth says:

      That’s not the kind of thing you expect to find in a bag of chocolates. m and m’s should be ashamed.

    • Charly says:

      Did you get your chocolate from the chocolate wall? Because that’s a self-service spot and the staff working in that area don’t fill the bags for you. If it was a pre-made bag that you just picked up and bought then I would understand your shock.

  37. Kenneth says:

    Only 2 of the standard flavours, I’d rather pop over to cyber candy store and get the good flavours! Just 4 floors of merchandisig in which alot of stuff such as mugs are repeated and everything is overpriced. Not structured well enough for disabled people. Very lively which is good but the staff seem more into having fun then offering some sort of customer service, stood by dispensers for a while having poured too much in n wanted to offload some n wanted to seek assistance but staff seems more interested in dancing and talking amongst them selves to check if customers are okay. Wouldn’t fault the staff there beig lively just that the management should make sure that there also checking on customers. Store is great for looks but is just a rip off for the average person and these people have not put into consideration people who haven’t as much money as others who want to treat there kids or themselves. Last thing, basement floor lab? Most rubbish I’ve heard in my life! They must’ve run out of ideas when they thought of that. Overall great for a tourist but not taken much consideration the locals or less capale people.

    • Nathaniel says:

      hey its a tourist shop with the main attraction being the different colours (granted the flavours are missing). As for price its a hell of a lot cheaper then going to new york or florida.

    • Charly says:

      Basement floor lab is where you can actually personalise what colour chocolate you want in whatever container you wish. So, actually, no – it’s NOT a load of rubbish and I think it’s a great idea because you can actually watch the staff make your order in the window.

  38. nathan says:

    Happy to see plenty of people are enjoying the experience. for those of you that have visited there on a weekend did you meet the small bubbly quite mad member of staff who works by the machine that predicts you your favourite M&M colour? if so she happens to be my daughter.

  39. Harriet says:

    I loved M&M world!

  40. Dean says:

    This shop is absolutely amazing . It is fun exciting and just what London needs. We have another amazing tourist area to visit . I would go back again and found the staff very helpful and me and my daughter loved it. Got lots if m and ms . I love m and ms and this shop is perfect. For the People moaning about this place. If you don’t like it then don’t go. All I can say is this place is the best place ever

  41. Martin says:

    Are they selling the peanut butter flavour ones yet, if not do they have plans to do so?

  42. Ellie and Anna says:

    Really loved going to M&M world! Staff very helpful (didn’t have a changing room but let us take P.J’s to the toilet to try on) Will be telling our friends to visit!!

  43. lucky says:

    am going here with my 3year old daughter on thursday i knw shes gna love it…. As for the negative commens that ive read above…..how can this place not be fun…….lmao! its colourful and has happy customer service surrounding the place…..

  44. theresa says:

    the shop was wicked i took my son for his birthday and he loved it! the only thing is is that it is stupidly over priced! the cheapest item in the shop was a keyring for £6.95 ! i love the shop though i will be going back to do some shopping but i will be skint!

    • Charly says:

      They actually sell playing cards and single golf balls for £2.95, tennis balls for like 70p and also pet stuff like dog collars for £1.50

  45. theresa says:

    i loved the whole shop but i mainly went there to see if they have m&m minis but when i asked the staff they said they dint make it in that store but i thought they would of had them seeing that it m&m world and they have their little lab! does any one know where i can buy them?

  46. I went here the other day – IT IS HORRIBLE! here’s my review:


    not recommended!

    • Kieran says:

      What nonsense!! Mnms are not JUST chocolate! They are the top chocolate. And I’m sure a lot of people agree with me!!!!!! :D

      • Anisa Been Safia says:

        I agree! Well,i am looking forward to my first visit with my sisters and can’t wait to see the happy friendly people working there that most people have been taking about! :D

        • kieran says:

          there is no doubt that you wont enjoy the experience. it is a great store. you will love the excitement. you might even get the chance to meet the m&m character! :D

  47. saffron says:

    for those who have been there i would just like a couple of prices of despensers,plush dolls and the actual sweets themself!???

    • Charly says:

      Dispensers range from like £12 – £16 depending on the size and design. But they are great quality and very clever. Plush dolls range from £7 – £20 depending on the size and the m&m’s are £2.10 per 100g when you pour the chocolate into the bag yourself

  48. Megan says:

    The most fantastic shop we have been in the marketing is spot on.

  49. gerlinde says:

    We went to London with a group of teenage students and they spent every lunch break in this amazing place (I personally went in there two times, took lots of pictures and bought some nice stuff (rulers, pencils, …) for my daughter and her friends =D)
    The store is awesome and the staff too.
    True, it’s lots of plastic stuff, but it’s fun going there, you are not forced to buy anything and that makes it easier to spend on the small things. ;)
    As a regular London visitor I can say: It’s a shiny and happy place and well worth a visit. For youngsters and teenagers it’s another cheerful sight.

  50. Lori says:

    I think people are possibly missing the point with this shop, it isn’t just about the sweets it’s trying to create a whole experience, so stop complaining about the prices and them not having your favourite flavour. As for the comments that the staff are too happy, or too “American”, these people are trying their best to make your whole shopping experience (and let’s face it shopping with or without kids in tow can be hell) more enjoyable and you moan? Back to the prices thing this is tourist central in London, what do you expect?

  51. aminah says:

    everyone diden went to m&m world i am going next therday i am going to get a teddy bear a yellow one 3 yellows for my sister my cosin and me and sweets

  52. Sou says:

    Visited yesterday, after noticing a friend on Facebook had checked in…. OMG! I love this! This is something that London Town absolutely needs!!! Don’t get me wrong, London was great as it was, and getting better, and this added to it. Great to see all the tourists, but also Londoners and other Brits on their hols in the big city. Yes, it is bright lights and noisy, and crowded, but hey! You’re in Leicester Square for goodness sake!!! Yes the staff were friendly and chatty, which makes a huge difference to the typical stiff upper lip/”it’s a job that pays the bills” attitude you can get in the UK; I got the impression that the lovely girl who served us genuinely enjoyed her job. Yes, it’s expensive stuff, but what souvenirs/branded stuff isn’t?So give in people, go visit, and have a fab time! You know you want to! There’s nothing to it; it doesn’t claim to save the world or donate to charity, it is purely allowing yourself to be a big kid and “wow” at the fantastic displays, and get caught up with everyone else as we all enjoy chocolate and the advertising.

  53. Sarah Cooper says:

    OMG what can i say… I took my 3 children 13,12 and 4 years old to M&M World for a surprise s the visit and boy was it the best surprise they ever had they loved it….I took loads of photo’s and spent a good 2 hours wondering around looking at all the different stuff they had on offer…. Yes the price is a bit steep but thats London for u….The staff was ever so nice not in your face at all just very happy and who would not be they have a job they love…I spent about £70 in the shop all 3 of my children had more then one gift to bring home plus i also treated myself to a few gifts…I would not normally spend so much on gifts like that but i thought hay why not how offten will my children be shopping in a shop like this…This just a once in a life time for them as we dont really go into central London very offtern…..But all in all i have 3 very happy children and if they are happy then i am happy and that means M&M World has done there job……The reason for the 9 stars and not 10 is because of the price….

  54. me, myself and I says:

    My sister is taking me to the m&M candy store I have no idea how its going to be like. Is it worth going all the way to central London for the biggest candy store in the world, because i live quite far from central London.please can you tell me if its worth it. xxx
    ps. cant wait…. chose five stars because i don’t know if it’s good or bad

  55. rhea says:

    i love the m&m store i have been in nyc it was awesome!

  56. Not a HUGE fan says:

    I didn’t mind the M&M store but eventually we got really bored and they dont have any of the flavours that they do in Vegas X

  57. Ava Sands says:

    it was huge i like m&ms but everything was m&m i got a little toy and it was £11 but i just had to get it it was so cute but it was really expensive ok but way to big for a chocolate store!!!

  58. SIMON says:


  59. TONY says:

    M&M store great now I wanna see a big COCA COLA store come to London aswell

  60. Char says:

    OK, I know everybody’s entitled to their opinion but there are some unrealistic people who don’t understand what these stores are about! M&M’s Worlds are mostly merchandise stores that happen to stock the candy flavours where possible! My twin sister is a major fan of M&Ms and is a grown adult lol so this appeals to her but for the majority of people, this most probably won’t sadly.

    I visited a couple of weeks ago and the store is blatantly a tourist attraction with goods priced accordingly so that’s something to bear I’m mind. I’m going to visit again tomorrow (with my twin) so I’ll try and get prices for those asking…..in terms of what the stores is about, it is amazing! I didn’t think there would be a store to contend the Las Vegas or Times Square store (I don’t know the Florida store personally) but I’m happy London has the best store to date….in my humble opinion =D!

  61. sarachocoholicthompson sarachocoholicthompson says:

    I absolutely Loooooove M&M’s and all the characters, unfortunately getting to Leicester Square from Broadstairs in Thanet with a baby and 13 year old is near impossible and expensive. I love M&M’s so much that I have a M&M’s bomber jacket that I had shipped over from America and I can tell you I have had so many people offer me stupid amounts of cash for it it’s unbelievable, I will never give up my jacket for anyone, I would even where it to the store if I do ever get the chance to go, it’s the only one I have seen in England

  62. jana says:

    A few days before I heard abt that store… and i thought i’ll love it.. but i can’t buy the american flavours.. and theres one thing i love more than m&m .. peanutbutter… and in the US u can buy the flavour m&m peanutbutter.. everywhere.. my last visit is 5 month ago, and my m&ms are empty… so i’m a kind of sad… BUT i will visit the store, of course i will.. my hostel is only one street away :D

  63. leah says:

    omg it lks so cool

  64. CaiitliinReiid says:

    i went there with some school mates and it was so funn. I WENT HOME THAT NIGHT AND WAS SICK, YOU CAN EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT!!!!!!

  65. Rosey says:

    Its sounds great and I cant wait to go! But is it free to get in?
    Also its a bit pricey, £30 for a plastic bracelet!

  66. Jonh says:

    Hi! I’m from Portugal and a really want kown if we can eat for free in the store. I kown in NY you can eat everting you want (in the store) and you don’t pay..

    • Becca says:

      This is London – of course it isn’t free! In fact everything is ridiculously over – priced, so take lots of pennies!

  67. Emma says:

    i luv this shop!!!!!!

  68. isla utley says:

    is was amazing when my freind megan cannon and i went.Theri were dressed up workeres telling us to come in and i stuffed my face as everyone should.

  69. Sharon Carter says:

    Came across the new shop in Leicester Sq yesterday on a trip to theatre. Mega place, piped choccy smell as you walk in the door immediately makes you want to buy chocolate – it work’s – £8.50 later and two happy children with enough pick and mix M&M’s to last a year! No pressure from staff to buy though, and loads of photo opps. Well worth a visit. Go in after lunch and you’ll have more resistance to purchasing!

  70. Steve L says:

    I went to this shop yesterday. They DO NOT even sell a basic small bag of M &M’s! You have to load up a bag at £2.10 per 100 grams and there is not even a scale so that you can work out how much you are going to have to pay! Enjoy the experience, then to to the sweet shop down the road to buy yourself a bag of M & M’s. Save a small fortune!

    • Charly says:

      I think that £2.10 per 100g isn’t bad considering you have to take into account that there’s so much more colour selection than what you get in your bag of m&m’s from tesco’s or wherever. I guess you’re paying for the novelty of the picking & mixing.

  71. stella says:

    i loved m&m world and it was the best io got the yello m&m and called it frostie my dog even loves the m&m sweets
    i was smilling when i even got there:DDDDDDD
    but watch when u check it out

  72. alexia says:

    well id like to say the same as stella but i wont so……………………………………………….

    when i went there it was on my little brothers birthday he brought every single coloure ted but one each he brout the sweetes he loved id say id give it a 5 case it wasent exiting for the teenagers

    • jadon says:

      id like to say i was at the birthday party and it was my brothers bday it was totaly lame so me and alexia snuck out and went to the movies thts how boring i think it was thx*:(


    is it better than cadburys world

  74. Molly Tanton-Joy says:

    went to m&m world and spent an hour looking round and taking photos. spent some of dads money as well. going back soon

  75. P Thomas says:

    A pointless shop since it sells sweets that are available and much much cheaper nearby AND it does not stock the other toes of M&M that are available in the States. Until it does, you’ll be better off buying elsewhere.

  76. Emma says:

    This is the coolest shop ever!!!!! Loved it!!!! Thought it was fantastic that the staff clap and cheer you coming in. Quite expensive, but excellent!!!

    • Lives in London says:

      What an overpriced pointless shop. Even my 7 year old daughter said it was way too expensive. I only ended up in it because I thought it was some type of childrens arcade. Full of tourists that don’t realise they are being ripped off. Avoid at all costs.

  77. Lives in London says:

    What an overpriced pointless shop. Even my 7 year old daughter said it was way too expensive. I only ended up in it because I thought it was some type of childrens arcade. Full of tourists that don’t realise they are being ripped off. Avoid at all costs.

    Sorry, I left this comment in Emma’s post

  78. Sarah says:

    I’d like to say that I took my 6yr old son there last wk on a holiday to London on recommendation by a friends mum who said it was amazing and she’s an older woman. I loved it as much as my son did! I agree if ur not a big m&m fan u won’t ever appreciate wot the shops about but each to their own. I hve to say the music is a tad too load n did spoil the experience a bit. But I wasn’t out off by the staff being cheerful n didn’t see any of them singing & dancing?? Although there was someone dressed up as a blue m&m which I thought was g8 for the kids. I spent a fair bit of money in there and its not cheap but there is a lot of collectible items and fun items. U don’t hve to spend a fortune and id rather buy sumit you can collect n keep for a fiver than a naff toy that will prbly get broke! I defo wnt to go back again n add to mine & my sons collections. If they could try to make things a little more affordable and turn the music down and expand the ranges I rekn it will always be a busy n successful place. Xx

  79. Tai Ray says:

    I just want to say that I went in there yesterday – and thought it was great! People who right these blogs are just being plane negative. While I was there, the queues were long and loads of people were buying things. The atmosphere is great fun and if you don’t enjoy it, then I think you need to lighten up and enjoy it. Yeah it might be a little pricey for some things but you can also find things for a good price. I say – if people want to go there! Go and enjoy it. Who ever thought of the idea is a genius and people are just jealous of the money they are making! Another thing about this post that is slightly irritating is that it states that it is aimed at tourists, i am not a tourist and have spoken to MANY people who are also not tourists but loved it! So i think posting this blog was not needed!

    Great fun – definitely go again!

  80. Sarah says:

    Hey everyone I’m 21 and I was sooooo excited when my partner said he was taking to M&M world! I bought loads of M&Ms and we both got an awesome mug each. I can’t wait to go back another day and get a stuffed toy and some tops! I didn’t see anyone do any dancing but the atmosphere was great! You could really sense excitement in the atmosphere. So anyone who can’t handle feeling a little childish for a little while then please…. don’t spoil it for the rest of us!

  81. Annalisa says:

    Although the shop was fun, why don’t the m&m’s taste any good???
    Anyone else noticed they taste different from the ones in the shop… and not in a good way?
    Hugely disappointed :((

    • Charly says:

      They get their chocolate imported from France rather than America so that might explain the difference in quality ?

    • Charly says:

      Also, the chocolate is actually much fresher than the ones in the normal shops because I think they have a shorter span for expiration than the ones in the shops, so the ones in the shop may have more preservatives in them. This is just an assumption

  82. Angwm says:

    We have just returned from a trip to London and the m&m store should not be missed we bought yoyos pens headphones shoe laces teddys key rings football and of course sweets ok spent alot but I think well worth it even if you don’t buy anything def worth a look

  83. Becky says:

    I live in birmingham & me and my boyfriend went london for a little get away together, we seen this shop and lived in it! we went everyday we was in london! we LOVED it! the shop is a little over priced but everything you see you want, i got a cup from there cost £9.99 so yes a little over priced right? its defo worth poping in and having a nose about. The staff who work here are very happy and welcoming.

  84. Neet says:

    We didn’t even know the shop was there til we saw lots of people walking round London with the little yellow bags!!!!!!
    this shop is AMAZING!!!!!!
    we spent ages in there, there were loads of people too AND they were buying stuff, just wish I could have bought more! I can’t wait to go back to London and visit the store again, it’s such a fantastic experience and the staff were all friendly too.

  85. Ananymous says:

    I have been to all three US stores and I can tell you for a fact that the M&M’s in all of the stores Las Vegas, New York , and Orlando are not free!! They are all priced $12.99 a pound. If you think that they are free they you are probably one of those people who just poured a bag and walked around eating without paying for your bag. Why would a store have anything for free if it’s not advertised? It’s a tourist shop. I recently went to the Vegas store and they mentioned the new London store and they seemed very excited. They M&M’s are not free, and also they do not sell Peanut Butter and some other flavors because of Food Restrictions and certain products, ingredients or dyes that are not allowed in the UK.

  86. anat says:

    i love dis shop its so fun !

  87. Bridget says:

    Does anyone know if this is wheelchair friendly?

    We are thinking of taking our son, but from what I have read, it’s 4 floors… Do they have lifts etc and is there enough room in the isles for a chair?

    Did not want to get disappointed when we get there if he cant get to all areas.

    Cheers for looking

  88. Ann Mourby says:

    My first experience of the M and M world was in New York,,,,,,,,I loved it and London is its equal, yes its a little expensive but so it hotel chocolat and even thorntons,,,, its fun, the staff are friendly and everyone can be young at heart in this fab store……….there are gifts for all price ranges so pop in and let your little ones have some fun, there is no pressure to buy what harm can it do!!!!!

    • Sarah Hawkins says:

      I was in the NYC store last weekend and it was fantastic looking forward to seeing the London store.. Completely agree other chocolate shop are very expensive and boring. Love the whole concept that M&M have put together

  89. Molly says:


  90. lol says:

    all these comments were very entertaining to read

  91. fabry86 ITALY says:


  92. Amy :) says:

    i went here with my mum and sister yesterday (im 14) and i thought it was amazing, not AS good as the one in orlando but pretty impressive, and it has 4 floors. we spent at least an hour and a half in there, looking round and taking photos with the statues etc. and then bought my favourite dark pink and light blue m&ms :)

  93. amy says:

    this is my first time going i am taking my little sisiter as a surprise i just wanted to ask do we have to pay for entrance or anything??

  94. Deborah says:

    I was in there on the 15/10 and the store is amazing!
    It is so bright and colourful in comparrison to many other shops and that just adds to the experience.
    The dancing M&M’s were entertaining and it kept a smile on many of the customers faces. :)

  95. Kellin says:

    I’ve been there with my family two days ago and it was just amazing, there are so many things which you can buy in there it hilarious ;)

  96. ferdinand says:

    heel mooie winkel meer een museum omdat ik al ruim 40 jaar bij mars werk.
    herken vele dingen

  97. Ilse says:

    What a amazing shop,
    The most time i was there and I make friends in that Shop
    Jeronimo I only cannot find him one Facebook

  98. sammyjo says:

    is it free to get in ??

  99. Martin says:

    Had a look in today looks good and I realise the ‘collectables’ and merchandise is pricey but the M&M’s from the dispensers are disgustingly overpriced. I know its London but £10 for a bag (500g if I remember rightly) is a bit over the top

  100. Charles Berthon says:

    We came across this shop by accident strolling around London. Who on earth in their right mind would devise such a huge shop in a prime location dedicated to a sweet?!! They hand you a very large shopping bag going in but once you see the prices (even if you wanted to buy such rubbish) you will realise that garage shops are not such bad value after all. I will probably sound very old and miserable but with an economic crisis on, this shop seems to sum up everything that could be wrong with our society.

    • Sarah Hawkins says:

      It’s a bit of fun – we need a bit of that these days – my little boy would stay there for hours so compared with other attractions for day trips it’s not that expensive and I know he would talk about it for days to come afterwards. It’s not as if people would go everyday. It seems to work in NYC people queue down the street to get in and I think it’s better than having another stupid ugly pound store in it’s place because that’s all that would fill the space during these grey times.

  101. Mikey W says:

    Quite fun. The wall of different coloured M&Ms is quite impressive to see. I am surprised that you can’t get crispy M&Ms here let alone peanut butter or cookie types. And it’s not as though that can be due to EU regulations as you can buy the crispy ones anywhere and you can get some of the more exotic types in selfridges

  102. Michael B says:

    We went yesturday and yes did like the store and got caught up in the experience, but found alot of the products rather expensive which you do kind of expect.
    The thing I didn’t expect was te price of the actual M&M’s chocolates which have a rediculous markup.
    265g box of M&M’s for £6.95 seems a bit steep if you ask me when you can go to the likes of Tesco and get 370g for £3.78.

  103. mama 98 says:

    This shop’s complety crazy !
    There’re so many colors: pink, liqht bleu, silver, …
    It ‘s great, you must have a look

  104. Cez says:

    I went there not long ago…It is amazing there!
    I would advise going to be honest, I adored everything there.
    its a shop that is impossible to get bored of all the bright colours and the huge figures are awesome. you would be crazy not to go. It’s not even that expensive…in all fairness I didn’t by M&M’s so not sure what the price of them is like but I bought a large m&m teddy and it was only £16.99 (some might think its a lot but if you seen it you might agree with me).
    I actually didn’t want to leave the shop :’). Personally from a 16 year olds perspective would say its a amazing place to go and is suitable for all ages, although stairs there could be a hassle for some :/

    • Charly says:

      There are lifts located at the back, the store’s just promoting using your legs more by hiding the lifts away… which is a good thing considering they’re selling chocolate

  105. amber1234 says:

    i love m&m world i wish i could go all the time

  106. destiny says:

    i loved m&m world and wish there was more things like that. who ever came up with that idea is amazing.

  107. nic b says:

    this shop awesom!!! wnet to london for a week and was in the shop at least once a day it was amazing and it smelled delish!

  108. Lisa Bowles says:

    We had a great visit to the store.

  109. sharon says:

    went their last mth on the bag it has a website but doesnt seem official. went to london store. the websites in dollors and they dont hardly have many things to buy on the website. is they an official website?

  110. Paula-Jayne says:

    We want peanut butter M&Ms

  111. Sara says:

    I am a massive M&M fan but this is the most ridiculous waste of prime retail space ever.

  112. Selina says:

    Visited today and left with dissappoint and utter disgust! What made a bad shopping expereince was the OBSCENE staff that made a very crude comment which left me fuming with anger. What made it even worse was my kids had to bare the rudeness which left them feeling hurtful. Thought this was MEANT to be a sweet shop full of affectionate, well mannered staff but guess NOT. As I as a mother will certainly not be RETURNING to this atrocious store!

    • Mercedes says:

      What shop did you go to? it must not of been M&MS world London, because when i walked in there the staff was sooooooooo welcoming and helpful….I wonder what the staff really said to you hmmmmm

  113. skye says:

    this shop is the best shop in the world,so much fun, all you misarable depressing losers stop slating it and carry on with your boring lives

  114. Olivia Whybrow says:

    I went there today and I was gobsmacked! I am a big M&M fan and I absolutly loved it! The only reason why I wouldn’t give it 10* is to prices it was really expensive so I couldn’t buy anything. Which was disapointing. BUT!!!!! I did get loads of pictures with the statues and the lovely green M&M (Dressed up) It was really cool!

  115. chloe says:

    OMG this shop was amazin who would ever think of doin a candy store of m &m i only went the last Saturday soon as we got there we hate to walk there it is chocolate land and the so much there !

    i want to go and see it a again

    this shop is the best in the world!xx<3

  116. adz-a says:

    The sweets where a rip-off and the next day, the bag broke and I lost half my sweets!!! :( However decor and staff were nice.

  117. sandra says:

    Really loved the shop, worth taking the children but beware stuff is expensive and the kids will nag you to buy stuff—

  118. Amy says:

    Can anyone tell me if its far from Covent Garden please?

  119. wesley says:

    Its in Leicester Square and its a great store!! Definitely worth a visit!!

  120. petra says:

    I went to the shop a few times and everytime a friend of mine comes to visit london i take them there.
    i’ love the shop, just think it’s a bit overpriced but hey we are in london!!!!
    great and friendly staff and if you like M&M’s you don’t think is plastic s…

  121. Maisha says:

    i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want to go there i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove chocolate i am a chocolate fan most of my friends have been there and when they tell me abot it i get soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jelouse

  122. thomasarpino says:

    i relly want to come with my best friend grace i need to ask her thow and my mum

  123. thomasarpino says:

    im going to tack lods of money

  124. Mrs Berrett says:

    I visited the London store last Thursday 1st December at 5pm to show some friends the new store. I bought some sweets but had to wait ages to be served. There was only one till open out of 6 on the lower floor. My friend put her goods down in the end and I saw several other people give up waiting. There were a lot of staff around and I did bring it to their attention. Do you want to sell the items in the store?

    • Mercedes says:

      Did you not aknowlegde there was other tills on other floors??? was that the only till in the WHOLE entire store??….Laziness

    • Charly says:

      I don’t think a staff member can’t just jump onto a till when the queue gets long. I assume that they all have individual tills with their allocated money inside. This is so that one person is responsible for the amount of money in their till, which makes it easier to monitor if there are any discrepancies in the till at the end of the day. I would know, I work in retail. So this is probably why all the other staff members didn’t get on a till when the queue got longer.

  125. munkeepye168 says:

    This has to be the most pointless and expensive waste of space in the country. I can understand four floors of retail for say, Harry Potter, Disney, Nintendo or Sony, but M&Ms? American chocolate is greatly inferior in taste and quality to European chocolate. And as for the overpriced merchandising! As Europe hurtles towards an imploding Eurozone and the recession bites hard in the UK, we may well turn to chocolate for comfort, but not revolting M&Ms candy. My advice to any fortunate tourist with money to spend – don’t waste it on this tat. Unless this is an elaborate money-laundering operation, propped up by a City institution trying hide funds, this store will close. My concern is for the Mars Pension Fund for which this must be an almighty burden on its resources.

    • Daniel Stephens says:

      munkeepye168, I feel sorry for you. It must be a lonely time for you at Christmas…
      Let’s put you right on just a few things…
      1) Inferior quality to European Chocolate? I think not.
      The chocolate for this store is made in France. It tastes much better and fresher than that made in the States (I would say). Try them both for yourself!
      2) The store has created over 200 plus jobs in this supposed economic crisis. A benefit to those who were perhaps jobless? Pointless!? I think not.
      3) Expensive waste of space, hmmm! Who exactly is paying for this space?… Mars! A “family” run business since 1914 and guess what? They like their staff to en joy themselves while they are working and, I hear they pay well. I feel this may contribute towards the somewhat unusual, genuine customer service that visitors are greeted with.
      4) And I certainly wouldn’t worry yourself about pensions… 30 billion Turnover last year and year on year profit growth for the last 20 years.
      5) I’d like to say stick all of that in your pipe and smoke it but, instead I’d advise you to research before displaying such negativity on something you know nothing about.
      6) Merry Christmas!

  126. susan says:

    Glæder mig til at besigtige butikken

  127. Sarah Hawkins says:

    I can’t speak for the London store but I have just visited their store in New York City and it was amazing. Tried to get in three times on Saturday but gave up as people were queuing down the street, had to go back the following day early and had loads of fun finding things for my little boy and we had our photo taken with the green m&m also. Shop stays open until 2am closes for restocking and opens again at 8am. I can’t wait to take my little boy to the London store as New York just gets way too busy for little ones and I would more than likely loss him lol or never get him out of the store lol. I love a shop that entertains you and your little ones, makes it so much enjoyable and can turn a boring shopping trip into something fun for them. Can’t wait for Christmas day as we decided not to give him his m&m goodies until them, we let him have his hershy sweets instead lol another great chocolate shop right opposite m&m in NYC if you go. Good Luck M&M I am sure you will be around for a long time.

  128. Jess says:

    I was very disappointed by this MnMs world! I went to the store expecting to find a range of MnM flavours I could buy at ease, instead I was greeted with the usual peanut and chocolate variety which was such a shame. When it was first opened, I was told Peanut butter flavoured MnMs would be in stock by the Christmas season…this was a lie. I couldn’t even get my hands on crispy MnMs. My local corner shop has more MnM variety than that waste of space.

  129. Alan D says:

    Great colourful place and friendly staff however the only reason I went in was to get peanut butter m&ms. Alas peanut butter is not available :-(

  130. John says:

    I had great fun, i ate half the chocolates in the shop and did not even pay for them.

  131. tiffany says:

    i havent been there but my sister said that there is dancing m and ms ITS FUN COZ MY COISEN WENT THERE ITS FUN!

  132. Bárbara says:

    Best store in the world!

  133. parijin says:

    i really love that….. no words.i love white m&m so much cool!!! thanks jin!!!

  134. Amber Watt says:

    it is a really good shop but it is very exspensive!

  135. hannah says:

    the shop is good but it cost more money to buy the mm and when i went it was busy

  136. Emma says:

    Love the M&M store :D Went to the store in New York and im so happy its here xxxx

  137. i was in londan on a trip, got lost and found myself in m&m world, me and my mate didnt leave for like 3 hours, and missed the bus home :/ it was brilliant :) xxxx

  138. Joanne says:

    I LOVED the one in NYC and I was so excited that they had opened one up in London and I love all the stuff. I could have spent hours in there just buying almost everything. Shame my budget would not stretch that far!

  139. liz says:

    I went to the m&m store in London the other day most impressed with it five floors all to do with the subject id recommend it to any age from 1 to 100 it was fun, and amazing you can spend a little or a lot.

  140. Lana says:

    Absolutely awesome experience – really worth a look! Lots of fun things to buy and the smell of chocolate stays with you for a while YUM!

  141. Gaz says:

    Hey guys. Came to the London store last weekend and was amazed my the atmosphere in the shop. Lots of diff things to see, do and buy. Even loved the sorting room and the Beatles recreation of the crossing! One question I saw a Brown T Shirt with a Bus on it and wondered if there was anywhere u can buy that online. We didnt have any cash to buy it as it was our last day in london. Won’t be going back for a while.

  142. Настя says:

    А я из россии,просто мечтаю попасть в Лондон. I speak English.

  143. Vendy says:

    Wow!.. I´m going to London in May! so I´ll go there..but Shud I pay something there? Like for example in Disneyland? (mean some ticket?) Thank you!

    • taralou says:

      If you mean pay to get in NO, It is is a shop.

      You can just go in and look if you want to but there are lots of things to buy in there, M&M sweets, clothing, towels, soft toys, and plenty of other things :)

  144. Ringo_x says:

    Hi! My birthday is coming up and i was wondering if i need to pay to come in or if it’s just a shop!? Looked at videos and photos and my friends have been to the one in London and have reported that it’s got a really entertaining surrounding! I would really like to go to the one in London and just thought would i be too old? I am going to be 12. Please comment and help me out! Thankyou!:)..x

  145. Martin graver says:

    How can a store offer a weigh your own dispenser and provide no weighing scales. When I asked about this at the tills they said “we used to have them but they kept breaking so we took them out”. Only in England. In the US they would have moved heaven and earth to make sure the customer had working facilities. M&M world UK get it right.

  146. Caio Armbrust says:

    Largest candy store in the world?! This shop is a joke, they sell everything but M&M’S! Largely disappointing in that sense. And when I asked one of the personnel if they had any other types of M&Ms, their response was ‘I’m afraid we don’t do the funky american flavours here’. What? Of course, I mean, after all this is only called M&M World. Bottom line is, if you are interested in the actual M&M chocolate don’t waste your time there, your nearest off licence will have a wider variety of M&Ms than this place. Here it’s all down to the super-available-anywhere chocolate and peanut flavours and a gazillion stuffed toys and m&m printed underwear. Had they invested a fifth of the effort they put in all the random merchandise into actual M&Ms, this would have probably been a much better place.

    • toby riches says:


    • Charly says:

      With all due respect sir, your nearest off license wouldn’t have all the 22 colours in the bag of m&m’s!

      • Anon says:

        Yeah, but though the colours are pretty to look at, they all taste the same. So is it really worth paying more to serve yourself just for the colours? If all you care about is the taste not the colours then its a bit of a waste if they don’t stock more flavours. Its not like with smarties when they used to do green ones which were mint (limited edition) and the orange ones being orange flavour. All the colours in a bag taste the same. So if you can buy a bigger bag for less money elsewhere, already easily weighed and sealed, why would you feel its good value to have to serve yourself sweets which have been stored in a tube which isn’t even airtight for however long, just for the different colours?
        Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Just because someone doesn’t like something doesn’t mean they are wrong.

  147. jajay37352 says:

    This shop is amazing went in there with my cousin and we had trouble leaving, prices are not the best but who can blame them when M&M’s taste so nice!! another annoying thing about this shop is when you fill your bag with M&M’s there is no scales so you don’t have any idea how much it will cost you.

    This shop is perfect for a child but not so great if you are the one paying!

  148. hey i love m&m world eating all the sweets makes me want to eat more

  149. Denise H says:

    I visited the M&M store in London and Thoroughly enjoyed it. So much to offer and see. Not a sad face in sight! My boyfriend had to littererly drag me out of there, because I had so mjch fun. Thanks guys. I will be back soon!!

  150. laura says:

    love m&m world

  151. julez says:

    We went in this store on Saturday 25/02/2012 and spent a considerable amount of money on gifts for family & friends. On paying for the goods we were offered a free gift and a 500g bag of peanut M&M’s worth £10.50 for only £1 so we purchased the M&M’s but what we failed to see until arriving home the following Tuesday the sweets went out of date 26/02/2012 making them inedible so BUYER BEWARE.
    We returned to the store on Monday 27/02/2012 and purchased more items, we asked if the free gift was still available and was told no, then what seemed to be a manager appeared and said we could have the free gift but only one, we asked the cashier how much it would cost to have the items shipped to our address and she said she would find out, ten minutes later she told us it would cost £5.03p so we asked if we could ship them saving taking them with us, after another ten minutes of taking all our details she wanted to void all our purchases and re-scan them and have us pay for them again, declaring she had never done it before so didn’t know what to do, another operative was sitting on a stool behind her and someone else offered to get someone to help who did know what to do but she said no she would do it herself, eventually after much looking in a book and weighing our goods we told her it didn’t matter we would take them with us, so she turned to the other two assistants who were still sitting there and proceeded to converse about us as if we were not there. I have worked in many stores and have never come across such incompetence or bad customer service, the staff need more training on customer service (because we will not be going back to this store and will tell people to be aware of the dates on items they purchase) special or free offers you stock, how to implement the services you offer and not least of all NOT TO TALK ABOUT CUSTOMERS WHILE THEY ARE STILL STANDING AT THE COUNTER after all without customers there would be no shop and no shop means the obvious no JOB, such gross bad manners I know it was Monday morning but good manners cost nothhing and have respect for your elders. I cannot rate this shop because there isn’t a minus score.

    • Charly says:

      That’s not the expiration date, that’s the sell-by date. The chocolates are good to eat for 2 months after the date printed.

  152. Julie Ferguson says:

    Never been to M&M world London, just looking it up for a possible visit. Been to the ones in Orlando & New York, can’t believe people have used this forum to moan about it. It’s a great place just a bit of fun in a shop, lighten up you don’t have to go in if you don’t want to!!!

  153. sue says:

    Went to M&M world in London yesterday I really enjoyed it. yes somethings can be expensive but make sure you buy some of the m&m’s there are so many to choose from.Next time i will take my daughter as i think she will enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( nearly as much as me!!!!!)

  154. ealniistea says:

    We think it is the best place to go with your family. I wanna know the proper prices on the website but it doesnt give it that is the only thing wrong with it

  155. it is the best place i ever seen

  156. kirsty says:

    ive not been there yet,was heading up london and thought might pop in!!im the biggest chocoholic!was wondering if its worth popping in?and also if any ones been there recently can some one give me a rough guide of the costing of the actual chocolate?i would love to buy some but if its too expensive i dont want to feel i have to pay it when i get there!any help would b appreciated.thanks!

  157. Holz says:

    well i just heard about the london m&m world so i might go down there from what ive heard here is that its quiet alot of money but i was wondering if i went down there to get some maybe towels and keyrings and lots of m&m’s and PJ’s and other stuff how much would i need to bring plus is there stuff to do there ?

  158. michele says:

    Bought a pk of 3 soft balls got them home grandson played with 1 for an hour and it burst down 1 seam completely. Very poor quality for the money paid £10 . Would not do return visit.

  159. sahar says:

    what can you do there

  160. shaniah says:

    very sweet i wish i went their tommorow

  161. shaniah says:

    you know what im going there its better the Disney land but smaller then Disney world but i don’t care i love it if i went there write now ill be crying of joy believe me plz i hope u went too.

  162. Clara says:

    I went there and its so……..Cool!

  163. Steviie says:

    Absolutely brilliant. A must to experience a sweet time in the Westend.

  164. Charly says:

    I think you have to appreciate that a business is a business. If they’re selling clothes and suchlike with the m&m logo on it, and you think it’s ridiculously overpriced, then simply don’t buy it. Other people like that kind of stuff, especially tourists, so they’re willing to pay the price for it. Sure it’s a recession, but no-one’s forcing you to buy the stuff in the store if you don’t want to. It’s not like the staff are literally opening up your wallets for you.

  165. Milena Costa Souza says:

    Vou ir na loja de vcs em 2014 nao vejo a hora de chegar em londres EU AMO MT LONDRES S2.

  166. angela says:

    love the store… my only grumble is that more needs to be done about advertising which m&ms contain gelatine!!!

  167. Stephany Howarth says:

    I bought my children into your shop we had a brilliant time. we live in Cronwall. My children loved it i have to say so did i.

  168. Katie says:

    loved the shop, but a shame i found out M&M is not suitable for veggies as it contians e120, a red beetle used in the dying process. Rank I know, I have been a vegetarian all my life and it disgusts me that such huge companies do this. Dont get me wrong, but even if your not a vegetarian, the thought that chocolate has other animal extracts is off putting. I buy a chocolate bar, i want coca etc, if i a wanted a beetle i would eat one. Seriously, these compaines would put anything in products, in order to sell it.

  169. Christina says:

    Funny and verry fine!

  170. Unknown says:

    Can someone tell me the prices of the sweets from the wall (ones where you make your own) and how much the plush toys range from?

  171. imogen says:

    wow i really so bad want to go becaue i was in soho the other day and i saw people with these m&ms yellow bags i thought wow!

  172. Sara says:

    Visited M+M World yesterday. Great colourful shop. Clever layout of different colours and merchandise zones. Children just love it. Staff proved to be helpful without being intrusive, all very happy creating the atmosphire as intended. Very much for the tourist trade but there again so are 90% of other attractions/shops in London. Remember you dont have to buy to enjoy a visit but be amazed if you dont purchase even a few M+Ms. Only downer,some products over priced . Bring those prices down a little and the sky is the limit for the store, me thinks.

  173. olivia says:

    the m&m shop is cool and there is alot to see and do and even buy you sould go and just have a look around and maybe even take some photos of some of the m&m statues and just have some fun .
    had great fun.

  174. elise flatman says:

    how many grams of m and m ‘s can i get with £10 that is what I want to know and it dont even have this information on the website!

  175. west end rocker says:

    this shop is epic go to it if u like m&ms.

  176. Senne says:

    Ik hou van M&M’s World, ik ben er geweest en stond bij als de M&M’s op de foto.
    gewoon fantastisch

  177. taralou says:

    I went here yesterday as a friend was desperate too.
    I am not a fan of M&M’s and rarely eat them, but I loved the store.
    It colourful and fun.
    The staff member that we spoke to at the dispensers was wonderful, he offered us to taste if we wanted to, and let us take photos, and even asked if we wanted a photo off all of us and he took it.
    Could spent hours in there just browsing.
    Yes it is expensive but no more so that other branded stores, in fact if I had been a fan I would have spend a fortune it there.
    I did buy M&M’s as it was a birthday trip to London so justified it.
    I wanted all the furry toys and a tee shirt lol.

    As we came out there were 3 huge dancing M&M’s so we had a photo done.
    I would not want to go in there at a weekend or a busy time of year as it would be manic in there.

    I would go in there again if I was in London as it such a lovely place.
    It was a dull rainy day outside, but that was forgotton.

    If u plan to go, u will spend ages in there.

    Maybe I have become an M&M fan!

    Thank u to the so friendly staff in there making it a great experience.


  178. Ryazan says:

    LOVED IT!!!!

  179. KARON says:

    my little girl loved it here…we all did lol, she got to meet her fav M&M dressed up aswell it was amazing there.

  180. some one says:

    i lllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddd m and m world i went there with my friend and i loved it

  181. makayla says:

    how do u get to m and m world im a bit confused

  182. jessica simpkin says:

    I loved the store and had fun looking around bt was dissaponted that they didnt have the crispy m&m’s. In my opinion they are the best ones, it would be really cool if they started to stock those aswell

  183. demi says:

    i am going in august for my 13th birthday and am looking forward to it as i love chocolate and theres nothing wrong with a bit of entertainment? thats good to be cheerful love m&m’s and cant wait!!

  184. ILoveOverpricedCrap says:

    5 floors all with the same thing on it.
    M&M’s will never be as loved as Cadbury, and this shop just feels like a desperate attempt

  185. wannapa says:

    they should do Union Jack for Jubillee ^^

  186. sarah J says:

    Just go in to look, if you can bear it. I thought pick and mix would be the cheapest option, it wasn’t! They should have scales near the pick and mix. I was SO shocked at the till. Rip off! It was loud and noisy and over-priced……well hello Leicester Square!!!!!!

  187. jessica says:

    omg can u send me a letter please becasue i domy know where it is and i really wanna go and i have to show my mum okaii xxxx

  188. Noah says:

    I went to England last week.
    And on wensday we went to londen, the M&M shop.
    Its soooo cooool I love it!!!!

  189. IMY MP3 says:

    Well i havn’t been there but my dad bought my bro a tee
    and today 1.06.2012 june i will go and 4 a matter of fact over 3000000000 people visit it around the country i am joking i will be the 3000000001 person

  190. refresher says:

    Brilliant shop to look around in if you wanna know what it must be like to be totally BONKERS!!! It’s basically like being sucked into the original WIlly Wonker Film apart from there is nothing free to lick (although i did see some people licking the walls!)
    Go in have a look around take pics and then if you fancy some m&m’s go and buy them from a sweet shop where you don’t get mugged!
    Great shop for the novelty beat the system DONT BUY ANYTHING!

  191. linda pindard says:

    went in yesterday wat an fantastic store great fun my grand child loved it didnt buy anything to expensive but worth going again

  192. Markus says:

    It was exciting to have tried to the world largest candy shop.

  193. imy mp3 says:

    markus i know now that it is exciting u should try cadbury factory

  194. camilla hamer says:

    It was amazing, the whole thing you should go!!!If you do not like m and ms there is no point going because the whole shop is m and ms nothing else.They are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo YUMMY.Its very expensive though.

  195. Alysha says:

    This is a olace of my dreams i went there yesterday and how wonderful

  196. I hope that this store is not like team from London Bridge M&S SSP store in the station….when I start joining work with them I was absolutely unhappy how they treat me at the first time…wages (they gave me less than was sign in contr..act),t…eam work…most racist people

  197. Also..they hate that i was good…i was also watchman wh…o saw a lot of wrong things going on

  198. The workers..security…including managment was steailing goods from the store…also..the rail

  199. Network…have had no shame to take goods prepared by marks and spencer managment and workers food from the bin…they also didnt do properly rotation for that known reason…they unfairly dismissed me..and also jobcentre plus supposed ti unswer my claim..but couldnt because they doesnt like polish etnity…even they talk about diversity…i been left without money i couldnt save anything because my wage was £650a month working mostly every day in exspensive London..Why all of You are Racist?I would like have place to live and think about family….My Harnack family died for You in 1943 when the Rotte Kappelle was found….there is a big mess in London..why You support drunkers?why is no rights for man?

  200. Drew says:

    OMG i am sooooooo excsited im going to m&m world in london on thursday with my school coz we are gonna watch war horse and also gonna spend the whole day ther ecan someone plz tell me wht to bye i have never been and on all the vidio’s i have watched i mean OMFG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  201. Chloe bishop says:

    I think m and m world is really cool i would like to buy some stuff next time i go.I LOVE M AND MS!

  202. teagan says:

    its so amazeing there is soooooooooooooo many things to do and buy

  203. Jessica says:

    Do you have to pay to go in??? Even though I haven’t been yet it does look fun!!! I might have a look one day in M&MS world.

  204. saki says:

    pleasure to go..:) realy wanna to go…but my dad not interest wat can i do..:(

  205. May Lyall says:

    well this might be great for some but i love my kids and stuffing them with crapp and thay end up diabetic and other health problems no thanks

  206. Jodi says:

    I went there a couple of days ago! I thought that is was a bit pricey! It was so expensive! I would recommend to go there because it is a very cool shop but you may not come out with anything!

  207. Carol says:

    I visited London last month for two days and whilst there I came across the M&M shop. I loved all the things inside the shop and all the kids there were excited, the atmosphere was great and all the thought that went into the store was great. It would be good if we could have a M&M store up here in Edinburgh too all the kids would love it and the tourists would too.

  208. michelle says:

    Love it! Amazing ^v^

  209. rachel says:

    Such an unforgettable visit!

  210. prokollim says:

    where i can find admin?

  211. beany77 says:

    i must say listening to all your comments is quite funny ,i have been there and i think its bloody fantastic before you step foot into london you no its gonna be expensive so dont excpect anything less its a tourist attraction ,the kids love it and i would definately go back and recomend it i say be as happy as you can at work and as for the staff that have commented on here your an asset to your company

  212. hajer alenezi says:


    it’s Beautiful and delicious

  213. jessica says:

    i went here for the first time recently and i really enjoyed it. Me and my family had a great time and it’s a good place to take pictures. The only bad part was the prices but i do understand why the items are so expensive, my personal fave part was the actual m&ms where you can basically get any colour

  214. poppy says:

    This is the best shop EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. katie says:

    Im going for my birthday do you think it is appropriete

  216. freddie says:

    me and my frend are just stuffing are face with m&m there so good so is the shop

  217. Valeria Nina says:

    the m&m sweets are very yummy you can buy toys for half price and some for 10 and 9 and 8
    and 7 and 6 and 5 and 4 and 3 and 2 pounds

  218. Arina says:

    Hi, I’m from Russia, I live in the city of Novosibirsk is Siberia. I read a few comments and was surprised. You live in London and can go to the store-museum so I thought so. I’m only 12 years old. I just dream okazatsya in this place, and you … Can pridti here almost any time. And I dobiratsya away to London and not cheap. If I lived there I would be able to visit it, I personally in no such like, but I see it the first time and then the Internet. I particularly surprising in this, no, I only places in the movies or cartoons on the Internet saw. Dobiratsya to tudogo only on the plane, and it is all the money, and certainly not bags, because suddenly if that … and the plane falls, etc. and all the innocent death. You just got lucky and you do not tsenite.Pust though it may not be deshego, but that there may be the same, though when you buy. And you are so unhappy as if only out of spite to the one who did it all, the company or it’s as if the worst place on earth. Do not know why you are unhappy that you are living tam.Eh people, people ……… sorry if that for errors or can not understand something in the MSM can be text, I just write a translator, because I teach only English, and I know it only nemnogo.S respect Arina.

  219. Arina says:

    Ну это для тех кто может быть знает русский язык,надеюсь найдется такой человек.Привет, я из России, живу в городе Новосибирск-это в Сибири. Я прочитала несколько коментариев и удивилась. Вы живёте в Лондоне и можете сходить в этот магазин-музей ну я так подумала. Мне только 12 лет. Я просто мечтаю оказатся в этом месте, а вы… Можете придьти сюда чуть ли не в любой момент. А мне до Лондона добиратся далеко и не дешево. Если бы я жила там я бы могла его посетить,у меня в городе лично такого нет вроде бы,но я вижу такое впервые и то через интернет. У меня в городе особо удивительного такого нет,я такие места только в фильмах мульфильмах или в интернете видела. Добиратся до тудого можно только на самолете,а это какие деньги,и тем более не безапасно,потому что вдруг если что…и самолет упадёт и т.д. и всё невинная смерть. Вам просто повезло а вы этого не цените.Пусть хоть это может быть и не дешего, но что то же там можно хоть и купить когда то. А вы так недовольны как будто только назло тому кто это всё сделал,компании или что это как-будто самое худшее место на земле. Незнаю почему вы недовольны что живёте там.Эх вы люди,люди………Прости если что за ошибки или может что-то непонятное в мом может быть тексте,просто я пишу через переводчик,потому что я учу только английский,и знаю его только немного.С уважением Арина.

  220. denise says:


  221. Helen says:

    As stated above, the shop only sells the basic chocolate m&ms, which can be bought in any shop in the UK. I asked why the other types of m&ms were not sold and was told it was due to EU regs. But this is not true, as you can buy the almond m&ms in a shop on Shaftsbury Ave, 2 minutes away. Very expensive gifts.

  222. Katie says:

    Do they do crispy M&M’s on the wall dispensers now?

  223. Olav says:

    Mega Nice super cool

  224. Hannah says:

    So how much is entry for adults?

  225. Anonymous says:

    Soooooooo cool

  226. Shannie says:

    Best shop eva been in, it is amazing wanted to buy the whole shop coz it was m&m mad seriously got to go again The shop is BANGING MUSH!! Would seriously spend alot in this shop is soo good could have brought loads of things from there but bit expensive hehe but would defo spend birthday and xmas money in there for 100% :D :D :D :D :D :D <3<3<3

  227. Went today it was well wicked never see this before really enjoy it took so many pix

  228. M&M says:

    Is M&M world any good? I was thinking about going for my b-day, but dont want to be dissapointed…

  229. kirsty says:

    I went in with my sister and I told her I would treat her to a bag of pink m&m’s we got a bag each…500g x 2…and they wanted £26 for them.
    the check out guy was nice though and he said that we could have a pre-packed bag for £3 as we bought 500g…
    I still ended up spending £16 but I guess the shop was cool :)

  230. Julie says:

    A wonderful shop. :-). Spent a couple of hours wondering around the store, great atmosphere!!. Brought of bag full of awesome goodies.

  231. Lucy says:

    how much is it to get in?

  232. jesse eccles says:

    i think this shop is amazing and very tasty mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  233. Please get your London phone message fixed- you cant get through to speak to anyone- it just cuts off. extremely frustrating! also still mentions London Olympics opening hours!

  234. Abbey says:

    M&M world is sooo cool!! and the little red one is soooo cute!!!!

  235. Kirsten says:

    I’ve been there before and it id DEADLY!

  236. Marry says:

    hii I’m from austria I go on May to london and than I’m Going in the M&M’s shop :) I Love M&M’S !!! I Am very happy today because It’s snow in our Land..
    with a happy smile Marry :D

  237. Ann says:

    Oh my god ?!! the m&m’s shop are soo cool !! i can’t go from it ^^) haha … yeah =)

  238. Lina says:

    hallo ich bin Lina und du ? ich mag M&M’s
    oke bis bald ,und liebe grüsse an euch alle
    MFG Lina

  239. Polyana says:

    I love it. You could have a shop M&M here in Brazil. I might even work on it. My dream is to see London and mainly shop. :D

  240. sarah says:

    I like m&m s

  241. Vannessa says:

    what do you even do at m&m world?

  242. Sonja Doyle-Killin says:

    Looks like a great day out, I’ve been looking for a plastic bracelet. Does anyone know if they sell Maltersers?

  243. Louise says:

    Great experience, staff all very friendly.
    Yes the merchandise is expensive but no more than anywhere else in London

  244. Cathy Deare says:

    I am very angry that I cannot get peanut butter M&M’s at your London store. I have to take an extra suitcase when I go to the states to bring them back!!

  245. sally says:

    Wow I went to mnms world for the first time, and I was impressed I never though that such a wonderful place would be so near! I love mnms and I will be going there very often.

  246. julie says:

    i really liked m&m world but evry thing was so expensive i brought personalized stikers,shoelaces and a bag of m&m alltogeder it cost £11.

  247. s.s says:


  248. Michaela says:

    What are the prices for entrance?

  249. Lisa says:

    This shop did not live up to it’s expectation! There was no people dressed up or any games nothing but expensive chocolate and a waste of money!!!!!
    My children were disappointed to walk away with just mm’s as everything else was over priced!! A cup for 20 quid what a joke!

  250. ciara flanagan says:

    I couldn’t even walk away with any m&m’s because I am allergic to artificial additives and they all have e-numbers in them, even the white ones and chocolate colour one!!!!!!!!!

  251. rafferz123 says:

    hey m&m world greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt bye now

  252. rafferz123 says:

    hey my name is robbie i went to m&m world today it was soooooooo funnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!! i got loads of m&m’s (my own mix!) i also got a motorbike bike dispenser thingymajic and i put all my M&M’S and im enjoying them right now

  253. Aj says:

    Disgraceful. My friend (wheelchair user)and I visited the shop a couple of days ago. When asking people if they could move a little so we could move they wouldn’t. Also I asked a number of staff for some assistance and none of them helped! NEVER RETURNING.


  255. Sue says:

    Have jus been reading some of these comments some people are really sad not enjoying life I’ve just found out about the M&M world and now can’t wait to go. There’s nothing wrong with employees having fun and enjoying there work life’s short & boring enough as it is. Keep going if its what you enjoy doing

  256. sonny says:

    I LOVE IT im going to london tomorrow and im not joking and im realy going into the mnm shop and i have 15 POUNDS TO SPEND I CANT WAIT TILL I GET THERE I AM GOING TO HAVE A GREAT TIME

  257. doug says:

    I went there 2 days ago, surpised at how long its open for
    during the day it is mobbed but if you go and want to go when its quieter go in the evening between 9pm and midnight so much better.
    i spent £10 got a load of m&m’s in a colour mix i chose and made myself. also got a very angry dentist when i see them next week.

  258. Judy says:

    Dreadful experience. Shop was too crowded, noisy and had huge queues at all the tills. When I asked a member of staff about stock availability, I was directed to the huge till queue – WHO is going to join a queue that is going to take about 20 minutes to get to the front to find out that what you want isn’t in stock????

  259. jayne says:

    well worth the visit to m & ms world london

  260. Sarah says:

    Stumbled across this shop with my mam. Never knew it existed. Absolutely loved it. Spent an hour and a half looking at all the merchandise. Unique experience. Only thing I will say regarding women’s short and vest sizes – XXL was a size 16??!!!!! And they didn’t have any. Size 16 should no way be XXL.

  261. anon says:

    This place is great, to say “I’ve been to the biggest candy store in the world” :D
    However, it’s REALLY expensive. I understand there needs to be a profit, not every store can be like poundland. But £8 for a ball of M and M’s that is about the size of your plam is stupid. I could just buy an ordinary packet of M and M’s for about 40p at the newsagents.
    But then again,
    You don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to :)
    And about people moaning at the staff, they’re doing their job. And, doing it well. If you don’t like happy people, go home and be miserable there.

  262. Sandy says:

    How much is the admission price for the m&m Museum?

  263. Danny says:

    With two young kids it was difficult not to enter this shop – really nice and I enjoyed my shopping experience etc we exited with two big bags of sweets of every colour under the sun, and two sets of pj’s – BUT an employee stopped me to ask where I was from and if my gold necklace, slightly visible under my polo short, was cheap to buy where I came from!!!! not the sort of marketing banter I would expect – so made a quick exit!

  264. Lisa Burns says:

    It was sooooooooo amazing and all the staff were so friendly & helpful x

  265. Rouz-a says:

    Can anyone tell me how i get the plan of this store, please?! ^^

  266. hanna opreni says:

    do yuo have to pay?. from. hannah opreni . of.poland.

  267. cette super genial a visité biz a tous

  268. THeir website says this
    *Closed for Easter and Christmas Holidays.Hours may vary to honor additional UK Public Holidays. For a complete list of holiday trading hours, please call us at the number listed below.
    Call us at +44 (0) 207 025 7184

    do you know opening days between 27th Dec and 4th Jan please?

    THank you in advanced


  269. Tish Spires says:

    I have not visited the one in London but I visited the one in Times Square, New York when I was on holiday a couple of weeks ago. Its an amazing shop and brought loads of things including tee shirts, a pillow and many more things. I want to visit the London store :-)

  270. no one says:

    bad for tourists only really expensive and why make a shop based on one sweet

  271. Elizabeth(clubpenguin username is chic1go) says:

    My sister went with her friend in London and as a Christmas pressie she went to the M&Ms World and bought me:
    A yellow M&ms character mug.
    A orange M&Ms character mug.
    And this cool sticker book with my name on it and scented with M&MS!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

    The reason I voted 5/10 is because I didnt go to the M&Ms world so I dont know what to vote but I did vote half just so its okay?

    THANKS byeeeeeeee

  272. wow gold says:

    My partner and I stumbled over here coming from a different
    page and thought I should check things out. I like what I see
    so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking into your web
    page for a second time.

  273. laurie says:

    I am a french , it’s a fantastic shoop !! I love M&M’s !!!!!!! I go to april with school . aurevoir ! heu kiss !!LOL

  274. Sahara pigsly says:

    Amazing I spent more than £221 but it was worth it going there again soon.

  275. Shara pigsly says:

    Cool never been there my self but going there soon. Any tips like how much money I should spend

  276. sam says:

    Just wantid to no how much it cost to get on plz ?

  277. Yoսг method of telling the whole thing in this piece of writing is geոuinely nice, every oոe
    be capable of effortlessly understand it, Thanks a lot.

  278. Τhis site was… how dօ I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve
    found something tɦat helped me. Aρpreciate it!

  279. Wer ҡennt den Autor jener Eintraege?

  280. Dɑs ist die beste Internetseitе, die ich jemals gesehen habe.

  281. Habе nichts dagegen, dass hier irgendwer seine eigene Ansicht zu
    einer anderen Sache aeussert

  282. jak says:

    what are m&ms

  283. I’m not sure exactly why but this blog is
    loading extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it
    a problem on my end? I’ll check back later on and seee if the
    prooblem still exists.

  284. sue says:

    Went m and ms world on 22/3/2014
    The staff are just great out of this world they will go out of there to help you they are not pushy in any way for you to buy things that you do not want

  285. vanessa says:

    Hat der Shop auch an Ostern 2014 offen?
    Is the shop opening at easter 2014?

  286. M+M Master says:

    I don’t think this is the greatest use of prime West End real estate. Where is Bounty World?

  287. E says:

    People the shop is there to buy goodies, it’s either you like it or not. M&Ms will not please everybody, as the case in this forum.

  288. william says:

    great shop love it massive of items to buy
    had great time

  289. Jane Holden says:

    Really angry my son visited this shop dispensed mms into a
    Bag didn’t realise how much they would cost shop assistant would not let my son but the bag of
    Sweets back Made my son pay for them or he threatens to call
    Security. My son was on a school trip I am disgusted by this treatment
    My son is only 13 and didn’t realise how much it would cost.

  290. It was an amazing experience a really liked it there is a lot to see and do spread over 4 floors but I bort 2 tea cups and the store ladie rapt them well but however by the time I got home 1 of the handles fell off on 1 and the over one ad a crack all way down and round the cup and dus not hold water so dont think there good quality for the money and wanted something to remember the place and all av got is 2 broken cups really disappointed.

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