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M&M’s World is a worldwide chain of stores selling M&M products & merchandise. The stores are presented as attractions and located in major tourist spots (New York, Las Vegas, Orlando and London) and predominantly sell merchandise such as toys, clothes, mugs, kitchenware and keychains rather than focussing on chocolate. The first store was opened on the Las Vegas strip in 1997. The shop in London’s Leicester Square was the most recently opened location in summer 2011.

Each store is different and features location-specific decoration – for example, the Las Vegas M&Ms World features a replica of a NASCAR racing car and the London store features a mock-up of a London bus where you can have your photo taken with an M&Ms character.

As well as selling candy in a variety of collectible boxes, M&M’s World stores feature huge glass cylinders, each filled with a single colour, where customers can select their own favourites, pick ‘n’ mix style.

The stores are known for both their size (the 35,000 square foot London M&M’s World is the largest candy store in the world), brightly coloured decor and slightly over enthusiastic staff who are liable to break into song and dance at any moment.

These shops certainly won’t appeal to everyone, and are probably not worth visiting if you’re just looking for interesting chocolate, but those with young children may enjoy the vibrant colours and atmosphere. Be warned though, the merchandise is not cheap at all, so if you’re planning a visit, take plenty of spending money.

Buying M&M’s Online

M&M’s have online two stores, one for the US and and another for the UK where you can design and buy personalised M&M’s with your message printed on the actual chocolate. They’re available in a myriad of colours and make a very cool gift.

M&M’s World, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

Signature Chocolate

Huge glass cylinders packed full of M&M's in a rainbow of colours, merchandise branded with M&M characters and collectible boxes full of candy.

Individual shops

M&M’s World has multiple branches. Select a shop from the list on the right for detailed information and detailed maps.

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Comments about this chain of shops

  1. Carol says:

    I came across this shop when visiting London for a couple of days last month. I really enjoyed the shop and the experience It gave me that I would love to see one up here in Edinburgh so that others can also experience it too.

  2. Ann-Cathrin Rothlind says:

    My son just got “robbed” by M & M in London! The handle with huge tube got stuck ! delivering 2,3 kg! of chocolate he did not want but was forces to buy! For a cost of 45 pounds!!! If your equipment is malfunctioning do not make the customer suffer for it. As a young tourist in the city without parental support this is an outrage! He will certainly remember this shop – and the harsh saleswoman threatening with a guard. Luckily he had a credit card to pay with – what would have happened otherwise? Thanks M & M for spoiling my sons student trip.
    Ann-Cathrin Rothlind/Sweden

  3. Dragon says:

    I think this shop is no good! The products are very expensive! The smell is sickly! The staff are mad and rude! The handle broke(which they do nearly every hour; a staff told me that so it isn’t in-backed up evidence) and out came peanut butter M&M’s which came to 5.6 KG. I told a staff this and they threatened to call the police while the guard gazed at me in a staring competition( which I thought was very rude). The lady then called the police while I refused to pay! The police came in and watched the CCTV footage and said that I was to blame for this happening as I jhad put my hand the wrong way! They then arrested me! I still refused to pay and was taken to court the next day and was stiuoll proven guilty! I then had to pay a fine of $1,000 with the $264 for the M&M’s and was still not allowed to keep possession of the M&M’s! I find this silly and that I this had ruined my trip to America so thank you M&M’s for ruining my days, my trip and my life!

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