Kimble’s Chocolates

Upper Mall, St Enoch Centre Glasgow, Scotland, G1 4BW
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It’s a big space that’ is mainly devoted to the café and deli with a chocolate counter off to the side and a few shelves of chocolate bars. These are generally mid-range chocolates with a selection of loose chocolates bought from Belgium.

Perfect for sweeter-toothed chocoholics, they look pretty and taste fine. Personally, I wouldn’t make a special trip.

Kimble’s Chocolates, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. chocolatelover says:

    I love this shop!
    Can’t quite believe the previous review “big space …with a chocolate counter off to the side & a few shelves of chocolate bars” …it’s not like that at all!
    It’s a beautiful and interesting shop with a massive range of chocolates goodies on it’s shelves: fabulous Zotter bars in a mass of flavours (bacon bits still my favourite), cote d’or ‘elephant’ chocolates, chilli chocolate, chocolate models, chocolate mobiles, chocolate drops for making into hot chocolate etc etc etc. There are also two chocolate cases full to bursting with chocolates that you can choose to be put in a box or a bag and everyone raves about them. My favourites current favourites are the chocolate gingers and the salted caramels although all are delicious. In addition the staff who work here are all so nice. It must be all that chocolate!
    P.S. Don’t miss the cafe which specialises in hot chocolate made with real chocolate.

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