Kerstin’s Chocolates

10139 112th St., Edmonton, AB, Canada, T5K1M1
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From the owner:

“Kerstin’s Chocolates has been creating fresh chocolate confections and hot drinking chocolate at this location since 2008. Using only Valrhona and Felchlin couvertures, Kerstin and her team incorporate fresh locally sourced ingredients (BC Hazelnuts, Alberta berries and others) in their line of chocolates. Kerstin also has blended her own drinking chocolates: a drinkable dark chocolate with vanilla beans and a spiced dark chocolate drink with chili and spices that are served in her store.

Kerstin is also one of the only chocolate shops in Canada to carry a broad lineup of imported chocolate including: Michel Cluizel, Francois Pralus, Amedei, Domori, Bonnat, Valrhona, Amano, Patric, Taza, Zotter and Claudio Corallo to name a few”

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