Honest Chocolate

66 Wale Street, Cape Town, South Africa
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World Chocolate Guide contributor Danie writes:

“Our chocolate is handmade in Cape Town, South Africa using only the finest raw (unroasted), organic Ecuadorian cacao. There are no preservatives, artificial flavouring or emulsifiers so as to keep the chocolate as pure as possible. It is also free of dairy and processed sugar, making it a healthier alternative.”

Honest Chocolate, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. Kelly Rosenthal says:

    This is the best chocolate I have ever eaten. Its all raw and organic, and its sugar free (sweetened with agave), so its much better for you than normal chocolate. My mom is pre-diabetic and she can eat it without worrying about her blood sugar The bon bons are creamy and sublime, and the bars are also amazing – my favourite is the Nibs bar with cracked cacao nibs.

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