Gareth James Chocolatier

12 Front Street, Tynemouth, Tyne & Wear NE30 4DX
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Rating: 8.9/10 (8 votes cast)
Gareth James Chocolatier, 8.9 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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  1. Michala Techau says:

    Absolutely fantastic chocolate. The best I have had in this country so far, and I have been here for 10 yrs plus. Great taste composition (fresh i.e. no off flavours) and texture (perfect melt and no buttery feeling to the truffles). Currently trying to find a way to get hold of some more on-line as it is a bit too long a drive to do on a weekly basis – even if it is the best chocolate in the UK. Only reason the shop didn’t get 10 stars is that the service could be a little better – but the products are definitely 10 stars.

  2. Julia Robinson says:

    This shop is a chocolate lovers nirvana! What a talent Gareth has. His chocolate has a superb texture and melt and the flavours of the truffles really come through. The brownies are ‘to die for’ and the Salt Caramel Sauce is delicious. I could go on and on. As a member of the Chocolate Tasting Club for over ten years, I can tell you that Gareth is up there with the best. Needs to get online quick.

  3. Simon Mackie says:

    This is not our first visit to Gareth James in Tynemouth and it most certainly will not be the last. A selection of chocolates and brownies to die for fantastic staff and a lovely quiet shop to sit and have a great coffee or tea. What pre can I say. 10/10

  4. Gill Longfield says:

    This is one amazing shop. From the outside it looks like all you would imagine a sweet shop should look like and then you go inside and find its even better! Lovely sitting area samll but cosy and a great atmosphere with friendly service. I love the colour scheme. Their mochas are to die for never tasted a better one anywhere.
    There is only one comment I need to make. Gareth James if you read this when are you going online your products are too good to keep them just for us locals.

  5. george robson says:

    Had a Chocolate Experience Evening here this very day. What lovely people the staff are – so friendly and welcoming and appreciative. Obviously very proud of everything they have created.Their chocolate is on a par to this – great variety and A1 in taste. A haven of peace and tranquility. Ambience, in fact everything, is something to behold. You must experience it all.

  6. Sharon Robinson says:

    This has to be my favourite shop… the chocolates here are absolutely devine, dont be afraid of the combination of flavours in some of the chocolates I have yet to try one that hasn’t been sublime and believe me I’ve tried a few. Flavours often change so make sure you go more than once. As with other comments going on line would be a bonus as long as the demand didn’t impact on the quality. Forget the big names this guy is phenomenal you haven’t had chocolate until you try his. Oh and I highly recommend the raspberry brownies.

  7. Sara Talbot says:

    This is a very cute little bespoke chocolatier nestled near the bay of Tynemouth is a must visit if going to tynemouth. The staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming and the chocolate is simply amazing – some of the best brownies and hot chocolate I have ever experienced, with a great selection of chocolate this place is certainly worth a visit

  8. fernio says:

    I visited for the first time today with great anticipation as couple of friends really rate this place, only to be somewhat underwhelmed.
    The chocolates are nice but not stunning and a couple were distinctly below par. The white chocolate cappuccino tasted of coffee, but burnt coffee, not a good flavour and the lemon was too sharp and tasted artificial others just didnt taste strong enough to be recognizable. the rose flavoured chocolate was very good but other than than not really impressed enough to travel the 10 miles to go back there.

  9. Granville Robert Shaw says:

    Absolutely fabulous. We must revisit despite living 150 miles away. Brownies to die for. Get on line shopping please.

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