Chocolaterie Robert (Factory & Boutique)

472 Boulevard Ratsimandrava, Soanierana Antananarivo 101, Madagascar
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I was pretty impressed to find a proper looking chocolaterie in Madagascar. Chocolaterie Robert is quite widespread both in its stores and the bars it makes are sold in most supermarkets. The chocolate bars are reasonably good, but certainly not the best example of the fine chocolate that is exported from Madagascar.

There are two factories in Madagasscar and my understanding is that Chocolaterie Robert comes out of the lesser one. That said, the chocolate truffles and ganaches they sell aren’t half bad. They are a little too sweet and perhaps held a little too long but when you’re miles from anywhere they will satisfy your craving!

If you do happen to be in Antananarivo I would get yourself over to Patisserie Colbert in the Hotel Colbert and have some sweet/chocolaterie treats from there instead.

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