Chocolateria San Churro (Glebe)

47 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW 2037, Australia
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World Chocolate Guide contributor Bernadette writes:

“The first time I tried a San Churro hot chocolate, I knew I could never settle for drinking hot chocolate anywhere else (including the ones I used to make at home). I am now a regular customer and have never tried anything that disappointed me. San Churro makes the best hot chocolates ever, and this is a statement I am happy to fight for. Their hot chocolates are thick, smooth, dense and rich, and intense in flavour. You they don’t use cocoa powders here, nor weak chocolate syrups melted in hot milk.

As their name suggests, San Churro is famous for their churros, sold in single or two-person servings. You can get them with either icing sugar or cinnamon sugar, and choose from melted dark, milk or white chocolate pots to dip them in. Their churros are made fresh and hot, crispy on the outside, and spongey on the inside. They’re scrumptious, satisfying and can be extremely addictive.

They also do seasonal truffle ranges, bringing out 9 new flavours with every collection. Their smoothies, like the truffles, have intense and interesting flavours, and are especially good for drinking in hot weather.

Though the hot chocolates, churros and truffles are my favourites, San Churro also sell a wide selection of other products including: cakes, desserts, chocolate-dipped fruit, ice cream, smoothies, various dark chocolate bars, and gifts (like fondue sets, homemade hot chocolate tins, drinking mugs, etc.) They also run competitions and sell novelty items like chocolate lollipops and chocolate “mo’s” (in celebration of Movember).

San Churro has multiple store locations across NSW, QLD, VIC and WA, but my favourite is the Glebe store in NSW. Unlike other chocolate shops I’ve sampled in the Sydney CBD and greater metropolitan which often try to sell themselves as slick, swank, icy and upper class, the atmosphere in San Churro is warm and yellow-lit, friendly, welcoming and cosy. You’ll find everyone from families to students dining there. It hosts a traditional Spanish themed decor which sets the scene perfectly for its “Azteca” hot chocolate – easily the best chili hot chocolate I’ve ever had.

Service has always been good at the Glebe Point Road store with the staff being friendly and generous with their knowledge and support, and extremely professional. I’d recommend San Churro to anyone who craves an enjoyable chocolate cafe experience and wants to spend money on good quality products.”

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