Chocolateria San Churro (Chain)

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It’s truly amazing how many chain chocolate stores have spread across the Australian landscape. More than I’ve seen in the US or UK. Perhaps only comparable to what I hear of the Middle East.

This chain of shops is mostly about churros, the Spanish doughnut sticks (deep fried, salty, ridged, terrible for your health but quite delicious when done well). Though according to their website San Churro was the head monk around when Hernando Cortez first discovered chocolate in Mexico.

The pot of thick, dark chocolate the churros is served with isn’t particularly good and neither are the truffles, which is surprising given it’s only a small range. They have Mexican themed flavours, Tequila and the like, mostly based around alcohol, but don’t taste much like they say they should.

There are lots who love it here though so I suspect they are doing something right (the churros are pretty good).

Chocolateria San Churro , 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. HoneyBee says:

    Being a San Churro fan my opinion may be biased, but I’ve tried San Churro plenty of times and I’ve always been more than happy with what they have to offer and think they are extremely consistent in their level of quality. I agree that their churros are amazing! I also love their smoothies and hot chocolates. I haven’t tried any of their desserts or chocolate bars though so I can’t comment on them.

    Just a note about their truffles – their range is actually quite broad. What you tried was probably one season’s worth of truffle flavours with an alcohol-based theme. Currently they have a new fruity summer theme out (tried them just yesterday actually! :P) and I loved them all, except maybe the mango flavour which was a bit too strong and chemically.

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