Butlers Chocolate Factory

Clonshaugh Business Park, Dublin 17, Ireland
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From the owner:

“The heart of where Butler’s award winning chocolates are created is a location not to be missed out on by chocolate lovers! Come and have a look at our factory and see for yourself how our chocolates are created. A visit to the Butlers Chocolate Experience in Clonshaugh is a real treat for adults and children alike. Learn about how chocolates are made, from the cocoa bean right through to being packed in beautiful gift boxes to be shipped all over the world. Watch the factory in operation and find out how we fill and decorate our chocolates and see for yourself how we produce Easter Eggs and chocolate novelties. Then get creative and enjoy creating some delicious chocolate treats to take home You can also come to enjoy a warming cup of coffee and a chocolate treat at our café located at the entrance to our factory. Relax and enjoy a truly luxurious chocolate-filled day.”

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