Antoine Amrani Chocolates

550 Foundry Road, East Norriton, PA 19403
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From their website:

“Antoine Amrani’s love affair with chocolate began as a young child in Paris, where he made his very first chocolate truffles alongside his mother, at age 6. Growing up one of seven siblings, Antoine recalls the memory of his entire family enjoying fine chocolates on very special occasions at home. Delighting in the variations of the flavors and in the spirit of generosity, they shared, so everyone could taste each one. Chocolates were a small luxury and simple pleasure.

Antoine marveled at the the creations of famous chocolatiers through the elegant vitrines of his favorite Parisian shops…where his dream of becoming a Chocolatier took shape. Creating fine pastries and confections came naturally. While training at the Ritz Escoffier in Paris, Antoine gained a deep respect for the patience, skill and tradition required for artisan chocolate-making. He continued his quest, honing his culinary skills under master chocolatiers throughout Europe, drawing inspiration from classic tradition and as well as developing his own vibrant innovation in flavor and technique.”

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