List of Chocolate Brands

Looking for somewhere local that sells a particular brand of chocolate? This page lists all the chocolate brands and manufacturers, chocolate makers and chocolatiers we know about. Click on any brand to find out more and see a map of all the locations we know that sell it.

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  • Beschle
  • Black River
    Black River Chocolate is a British company, making filled chocolates from single origin Jamaican cocoa beans. The company sources the beans in Jamaica then has them sent directly to a chocolate...
  • Bonnat
    Bonnat is a French chocolatier and confectioner, founded in Voiron 1884 by Félix Bonnat. Their chocolate is sold in their own store in Voiron as well as over 180 stores in France and worldwide.
  • Booja Booja
    Booja Booja is an organic chocolate and ice cream company based in Norfolk, UK. They specialise in raw, gluten free chocolates. Buying Booja Booja Online You can buy Booja Booja products online...
  • Boutique Aromatique
    Boutique Aromatique is a chocolatier founded in 2011 by Shelly Preston. They specialise in using aromatic flowers & fruits in flavour their chocolates.
  • Brodies
    Handmade chocolate company from Musselburgh, Scotland, established in 1867.
  • Butlers
    Butlers is an Irish chocolate maker, based in Dublin. Founded in 1932 by Ms Bailey Butler, the company produces a wide range of bars & truffles and runs a chain of chocolate cafes across the...
  • Cacao Sampaka
    Spanish chocolate maker with stores in Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona, Japan and the Middle East. Their extensive chocolate range includes bars, snack bars, selection boxes, truffles, sauces, spreads,...
  • Cadbury
    Cadbury is one of the oldest chocolate companies in the UK. In 1882, John Cadbury began selling drinking chocolate and cocoa from his grocers shop in Birmingham. Seven years later, Cadbury started...
  • Caffe Tasse
  • Callebaut
    Barry Callebaut (often shortened to simply "Callebaut") is the world's largest chocolate maker. The company was formed in 1996 by the merger of Belgian company Callebaut and French manufacturer...
  • Casemir
  • Cavalier
  • Centho
  • Cero's Candies
  • Chapon
  • Charbonnel et Walker
  • Choc on Choc
    Choc-on-Choc is a father and daughter chocolate company that specialises in moulded chocolates. From their chocolate factory in Rode near Bath, daughter Flo Broughton ("Chief Chocolate Lady") runs...
  • Chococo
  • Chocoholly
    Chocolate made by Brighton artist Holly Caulfield.
  • Chocolat Factory
  • Chocolat Moderne
  • Chocolate & Love
    Chocolate & Love is an award winning luxury chocolate brand, producing a range of bars from organic and fairly traded ingredients.
  • Chocolaterie Robert
  • Chocolatier Australia

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