List of Chocolate Brands

Looking for somewhere local that sells a particular brand of chocolate? This page lists all the chocolate brands and manufacturers, chocolate makers and chocolatiers we know about. Click on any brand to find out more and see a map of all the locations we know that sell it.

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  • 40point5
    Chocolate brand created by former Cocomaya chocolatier, Jonathan Deddis, sold at his Thackery Street shop in London.
  • Abanico
    Abanico Chocolat is a French chocolaterie founded by Victoire Finaz in 2009. Abanico is known for its beautiful and distinctive fan-shaped packaging. Their fine chocolate and attention to detail...
  • Agapey
  • Agostoni
    Agostoni is an Italian bean-to-bar chocolate company started in 1946 by the Agostoni family. The company is now owned by Italian food multinational ICAM.
  • Akesson
  • Akessons
  • Alaska Wild Berry
    A small Alaskan chocolate and candy company.
  • Amano
    Amano Chocolate is a Utah-based bean-to-bar chocolate maker founded by Art Pollard and Clark Goble. Amano are renowned for using the finest ingredients, travelling the world to find the best cocoa...
  • Amatller
  • Amedei
    Amedei is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in Tuscany, Italy. The company was started in 1990 by brother and sister Alessio and Cecilia Tessieri after they found the largest luxury chocolate...
  • Amelia Rope
  • Amma
  • Antoine Amrani
    Fresh chocolates made by Antoine Amrani and sold in his Pennsylvania shop.
  • Artisan du Chocolat
    Founded by Gerard Coleman and Anne Weyns, Artisan du Chocolat is a British chocolate maker and retailer. Although not a bean-to-bar chocolat maker, Artisan do make their own chocolate from liquor...
  • Asbach
    German distiller and chocolate brand. Asbach chocolates are made under licence by the RC-Confiserie in Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany.
  • Askinosie
    Askinosie is a microbatch bean-to-bar chocolate maker, based in Springfield, Missouri. Founded in 2005 by Shawn Askinosie, a criminal defence lawyer, the company is ethics-driven in everything it...
  • Auberge du Chocolat
    Auberge du Chocolat make a variety of chocolate bars, truffles and special gifts in their Chesham workshop. Their products are sold in their two shops and through their website.
  • Australian Homemade
    Australian Homemade or "Australian" is a Dutch chocolate shop franchise with over 50 stores, primarily in The Netherlands where they also sell ice cream and coffee. Although a Dutch company, many...
  • B-art
  • Baci
    Baci is the most famous brand of Perugina, an Italian chocolate and confectionery company based in Perugia, Italy. First created in 1922 by Perugina founder Luisa Spagnoli, the product is made from...
  • Barlovento
    Barlovento Chocolates is an chocolatier based in Oakland, California. Their truffles, caramels, bars and other chocolates are made with fresh, local ingredients and Venezuelan single origin chocolate.
  • Baru
    Barú is a Belgian chocolate and confectionery company based in Diepenbeek.
  • Belcolade
    Belcolade is a Belgian chocolate brand owned by Puratos, a multi-national food group specialising in bakery, chocolate and patisserie. The company was formed in 1988 and mass produces a wide range...
  • Bendicks
    British confectioner best known for their after dinner mints.
  • Bernachon
    Lyon-based chocolatier and chocolate maker that produce their own chocolate from the bean.

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