Richart (Chocolate Brand)

Richart is a French chocolatier started in 1925 by Joseph Richart with five shops in Paris and Lyon. From their website:

“The history of RICHART begins in 1925 on the Croix Rousse hill in Lyon France. On this site, my father – Joseph RICHART, master chocolate maker – maintained his laboratory.

My childhood was sweet, indeed, and instilled in my siblings and myself a taste for the highest quality, a passion for all things beautiful, and a love for work well done.

Two generations later, we consider it our daily mission to seek out both an inexhaustible supply of the finest cocoa the world has to offer and, along with it, an equally endless amount of the happiness and pleasure that chocolate has to offer.

It is my sincere hope that you derive as much pleasure from tasting and sharing RICHART chocolate as we take in creating it for you.”

Buying Richart Chocolate Online

Richart have an online shop in in the US with a wide range of products available.

Video: Tasting Richart Chocolate

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