M&Ms (Chocolate Brand)

M&M’s are small, colourful chocolate candies made by Mars.

M&M’s have an interesting history. During the Spanish Civil War, Forrest Mars apparently saw soldiers eating Smarties, a flat, spheroid chocolate with a sugar coating to stop it melting in in your hand. Mr. Mars thought this was a great idea and together with Bruce Murrie, they started production of their own version in the US, naming the candy after themselves. Thus, M&M’s were born.

M&M’s were not introduced into the UK until the 1990s. Instead, Mars produced “Treets”, an almost identical product to peanut M&Ms that ended up being rebranded as M&M’s in the UK as the brand expanded worldwide.

Nowadays, a huge varieties of M&M flavours are on offer, although many of them are only available in the US. Varieties such as pretzel, orange, mint-tastic, strawberry peanut butter and coconut keep the product line changing constantly.

The brand is now so large that Mars has opened four massive ‘M&M World‘ stores that are as much tourist attractions as they are shops, with staff dressed in M&M character costumes, music and dancing. At 35,000 square feet, the London M&M’s World is the largest candy store in the world.

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