Grenada Chocolate Company (Chocolate Brand)

The Grenada Chocolate Company Ltd. was founded in 1999 by Mott Green with the idea of creating an Organic Cocoa Farmers’ and Chocolate-Makers’ Cooperative. They produce high quality Organic dark chocolate in Grenada with their world famous cocoa beans. The factory is nestled in lush cocoa groves in Grenada’s pristine rainforest.

In 2010, we visited the plantation and factory, and you can read our write up of that visit on the blog.

Buy Grenada Chocolate

Grenada Chocolate Company’s bars are available to buy online from The Chocolate Trading Company, as well as many chocolate shops UK and worldwide.

In addition to the shops listed here, Grenada Chocolate Company bars are also available in Waitrose supermarkets throughout the UK.

Video: An Interview With Mott Green

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