Duffy's (Chocolate Brand)

Duffy’s (sometimes known by the company name Red Star Chocolate) is a British chocolate, made from bean to bar by Duffy Sheardown in Cleethorpes.

Duffy uses small batches of single year harvest fine cacao from single origins around the world to create his chocolates, so every batch is slightly different.

When the beans arrive at the Lincolnshire factory, they’re cleaned and sroted before roasting. After winnowing (de-shelled), the beans are ground with granite grindstones for at least two days in order to develop the maximum flavour. At this point, any other ingredients (fair trade and organic sugar and milk powder) are added. From start to finish, Duffy’s bar making process takes over three days.

In 2011, everything came together from Duffy’s Honduras Indio Rojo 72% bar and it won the prestigious Academy of Chocolate Golden Bean Award for the best bean-to-bar chocolate in the world. More recently, Duffy has started experimenting with adding natural flavours to his chocolate, including oak smoked sea salt, nibs and coffee beans.

Buy Duffy’s Chocolate

The chocolate is available to purchase online via The Chocolate Trading Company, or through Paul A. Young’s shops. His current range of bars includes:

  • Star of Peru, 40% Milk
  • Corazon del Ecuador, 83% Dark
  • Corazon del Ecuador, 72% Dark
  • Honduras Indio Rojo, 72% Dark
  • Corazon del Ecuador, 43% Milk
  • Panama Tierra Oscura, 72%
  • Star of Peru, 70% Dark

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