World Chocolate Guide, now on the iPhone

We’re really excited to announce that you can now get World Chocolate Guide on your iPhone in an amazing “augmented reality” app!

Augmented reality lets you overlay computer generated objects onto a live camera image of the real world. In our case, it lets us show you the exact location and distance of your nearest chocolate shops and patisseries. Simply hold the phone up and move the camera around – the app tells you exactly which direction to head – you can even call the shop from within the app! You can also view local shops on a map, or as a list with the nearest first!

World Chocolate Guide isn’t a stand alone app, it’s a “layer” for the popular augmented reality app Layar (iTunes link). The Layar app is free, and the World Chocolate Guide layer (search for it in the food & drink section after installing the app), is just 69p – every penny of which goes back into improving the guide.

We hope you’ll download the app and give the World Chocolate Guide layer a go and let us know what you think. We’ve got more features planned very soon, including smart searching and filtering of results, just like on the website.

Let us know what you think!

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