We’ve got an App – get your chocolate fix anywhere!

Seeing as it was Dom who did all the clever app work I think it’s ok if I brag about our exciting new mobile app! It’s available for iPhones and Android (for details on how to get it go here: http://worldchocolateguide.com/app/  )

We are still working to add more shops to this site and, therefore, the app and welcome any suggestions you might have!

Now you will always know how close (or far away…) you are from chocolate.  Isn’t that exciting?! It’s much easier than using the website on your phone (which, I discovered on Sunday,  inconveniently won’t reveal the shops behind the little markers on the map).

Happy Chocolate hunting!

Thanks :-)

Jen x

P.S. If you do get the app please do take a second to rate it and if you have any suggestions for how we can improve it or any shops we’re missing, let us know!

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