Sweet, chocolate dreams at the Cavendish

On Monday evening, with the master help from Westminster Kingsway College, the Cavendish Hotel converted Room 1212 into a chocolate lover’s dream boudior.


We were invited in for a sneak peek before the lucky winner – chosen that day! – got to enter and spend the night in this chocolate wonderland.  It was all I could do not to be dragged out. The candles were made of chocolate, the tea cups, the toothbrushes…. And it was all overseen by a rather scary looking chocolate bunny lording over the room atop a giant Easter Egg.

There is an ingredient in chocolate that can actually help prevent tooth decay.  I’m not sure this is quite what they had in mind: 

I would just like to confirm that I didn’t touch anything apart from the chocolate items in the bathroom, the tea set and, er, that one chocolate heart that I ate from the bed. It was very difficult to restrain myself! Then I ran back downstairs (ok, I took the lift, it was 12 floors up!) to enjoy my chocolate cocktail in the bar. If I had been allowed to eat everything then I would have needed to run up and down those stairs MANY times – at least the view is spectacular, across the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, the Shard and the Gherkin.

I left taunted with envy for someone spending the night here, yet knowing my addiction and capacity for chocolate, it was probably a good thing. I’m pretty sure I can’t eat 100kg of chocolate in one night, but it’s probably best for everyone that I wasn’t given the opportunity to try.

I’m just sorry we didn’t get invited back for an “after” shot as well.

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  1. Jo says:

    This looks amazing!!

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