Pinkberry comes to London!

Pinkberry frozen yoghurtPinkberry has arrived!

If you’ve been to the US and seen the queues, heard the Americans in London talk longingly, it’s finally here: Pinkberry has come to London.

London is already bursting at the seams with frozen yoghurt chains, Pinkberry arriving and opening a week before Winter “officially” starts seems quite a gamble. So, is it really so special?

Most of the frozen yoghurt outlets offer two flavours and some a rotating third.  Pinkberry ups that with SIX flavours: natural, watermelon, pomegranate, chocolate, coconut and mango. The staff are charming, if following a very forced script: “Hi, my name is X, welcome to Pinkberry. Have you ever been here before?” I was immediately offered tasters and sampled all except the natural and watermelon. Verdict? Miles better than Snog. I can never understand the queues there, it tastes so synthetic to me. I don’t think it’s quite as good as Yu-Foria. What I did love was the increased number of options. Then the possibility of mixing flavours for no extra charge. The cheapest option, the cone, still comes with two toppings (one at the bottom of the cone). Those toppings include the usual fruit and then the more indulgent stuff. Heath Bars! All-American candy! For European folk, this is like a Daim bar, toffee with pieces of almond, covered in chocolate. Mmmm.  There was also some very odd looking pieces of “crunch” swimming in a chocolate soup. That was a 75p upcharge I declined on this occasion.

My favourite was the coconut. It’s very subtle but a little more interesting than natural frozen yoghurt. The chocolate was a little harsh, but mixed with the coconut (as I did in this £2.50 cone) it was too easy to eat both. 

Will it last? Well, it’s in Selfridge’s Food Hall, where the Pieminster used to be, so it will definitely get lots of footfall. And this feet will be very well heeled as well.

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