Oatso Sexy Hot Chocolate

Yuh huh.

This morning I started the day with an oat hot chocolate. Sound strange? It’s surprisingly good. I was turned to it by Nick Barnard of Rude Health and Marc Demarquette. They co-hosted an event on Monday to shout about the sexiness of oats and chocolate.  

Chocolate, yes, easily understood. Nick made a firm case for oats too, regaling us with tales of his challenge to the Scots for the title of Champion Porridge Maker at the World Spurtle Championships in Scotland, whilst making us porridge. First with rolled oats, then with oatmeal, the authentic Scottish way.

Video: Making porridge the authentic Scottish way

The oatmeal version was part of the special dessert Nick and Marc prepared for the competition. A chocolate cup filled with porridge and topped with hot salted caramel.  The hot caramel causes the cup to melt and it all mixes into one delicious chocolatey mess.

Demarquette and Rude Health dessert

The oat hot chocolate we were greeted with as we arrived. I didn’t notice straight away it was made with oat milk.  Maybe because they were injecting it with shots of Scotland’s finest whisky… And topping it with vanilla cream. Oh that was a nice way to end a cold January Monday.

Oat hot chocolate Demarquette and Rude Health

I made my oat hot chocolate this morning with my Blendtec which is quite amazing. You grind the oats in it, add water and blend further then throw in some chocolate (Willie’s 100% Venezuelan Black today) and put it on the hot chocolate cycle. It’s thick to rival a Spanish hot chocolate. It tastes ultra indulgent and is full of all sorts of good things. I don’t really know how you make it without a Blendtec.  You could buy oat milk from a health food shop or Wholefoods.  I think some supermarkets sell it too.  I’m totally converted to making porridge with oatmeal too, unfortunately that’s also quite difficult to find… Well, at least good chocolate isn’t thanks to this map. ;-)

Demarquette and Rude Health porridge

Nick from Rude Health making porridge

Marc has created a special Valentine’s heart made with puffed oats and praline.  It’s surprisingly moreish. Go get it.

Video: Marc Demarquette shows how to make the salted caramel

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