New Chocolate Shop in West London – 40point5

OK, so it’s not so new now, opening over a month ago, but it has been on the map for a few weeks, we just thought it might be helpful to start putting the new shops that open in the blog because quite a lot of you are very familiar with the chocolate world and might need alerting to the exciting news that another chocolatier has started selling new chocolate creations.

40point5 is the latest to the London scene, opening in Thackerey Street, behind Wholefoods (nearest tube: High Street Kensington). It’s a little annex to an Italian restaurant and cafe (otto e mezzo), decked out with beautiful chocolate creations and a small selection of gluten free cakes.

Jonathan Deddis works as a private chef and many years ago his employer paid for him to go and learn patisserie (not bad, hey?). He was the first chocolatier at Cocomaya and you can see the similarities in the design of the 40point5 chocolates to those of Cocomaya. He makes a superb, smooth ganache and has a great palette for balancing ingredients well. His coconut ganache is delicious and he and his partner-in-crime, Marisse are both lovely people, passionate about making excellent products.

I’m sure things will change here and there as they experiment with what works, but go, sit on one of these fabulous red stools, have an excellent coffee with some of their treats and watch the well-heeled walk by, or have a chat as Jonathan or Marisse will more than likely be in the shop ready to talk to you and take any suggestions you have too, I’m sure. Hyde Park is only a short walk away when the weather turns nice again and you want a sweet end to your picnic.

40point5 Chocolate Boutique near High Street Kensington

40point5 Chocolate Boutique near High Street Kensington

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