Jonah’s hot chocolate sandwich

I first heard about Jonah’s hot chocolate sandwich at the Wolseley years ago, and went there soon after to try this delicious sounding pudding, with my equally dessert-obsessed friend.


Nooooo… We tried three other desserts instead (yes, three, just the two of us) and whilst the Lemon Meringue Coupe (sundae) was pretty darn amazing (crushed meringue, lemon curd and lemon yoghurt ice cream, whipped cream and flaked almonds), we still walked away saddened. Our mission had failed.

Time passed. I even went to the Wolseley again, but my work lunch hour was over before I got to have dessert.

Finally, last week I returned with a two hour evening sitting and – hurrah! – Jonah’s hot chocolate sandwich was still on the menu and available.  Made with Valrhona chocolate, this is comfort pudding at its glammed up best.  If rumours are true, it was first made by the chef for his son.  I’d like to belong to that family.  Marbled chocolate brioche is toasted and oozing with rich chocolate sauce. Its intense delicious chocolatiness is perfectly offset by a side of creme fraiche. Happiness on a plate.  I love the Wolseley and I love Jonah for his hot chocolate sandwich.

jonah's hot chocolate sandwich at the Wolseley

Go for the people watching and the incredible historic beauty of the buzzing, cavernous yet cosy dining room. Relax and enjoy the hot chocolate sandwich (or the lemon meringue coupe if that’s more your thing). Impress a date.  All this glamour and deliciousness won’t even break the bank, it’s only £5.50 for this “sandwich” and big enough to let someone else taste it. If you must.

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