Hello (Chocolate) World!

Welcome to World Chocolate Guide!

The site is still brand new and we’re ironing out the bugs, so don’t be surprised if you find a few oddities. But do feel free to tell us about them, just in case we haven’t noticed them ourselves yet!

We realise that attempting to map all the world’s chocolate shops and patisseries is going to take some time, but we’ve started out with 200 of our favourites. If we’ve missed your favourite shop, we’ve set up a special form where you can tell us all about it.

We’d love your feedback and ideas for the site, so if there’s something you’d particularly like to see, leave a comment below!

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  1. Mariangela says:

    Hi! Compliments for the website: even if it is still a beta version, it is already well developed and full of details. Moreover, 200 chocolate shops is a very good starting point! ;-)
    I particularly appreciated the fact that for each chocolate shop you also give indications on other chocolate shops nearby: that’s very helpful for a tourist wishing to do a choco-tour!
    Thanks and bye from Italy!

  2. Mariangela says:

    ….one more thing though: as much as we all love chocolate, we will never be able to travel to all the chocolate shops we wish to visit, but sometimes we get the chance to get “that” chocolate by buying it online. It is (alas!) not always possible though, and sometimes shipment costs are quite expensive: do you think you could introduce a note about that for each brand or chocolate shop?
    Thanks again

    • Dom Ramsey says:

      Yes, we will do something like that, although we’re primarily interested in where to find chocolate in the “real world”.

      In the mean time, if you click the web site link in the “shop details” panel, they will often tell you where you can buy online.

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