Gail’s Boozy Christmas Chocolate Cake

I’ve been rather smitten with the chocolate and almond croissants from Gail’s for some time now.  I’ve been known to go for a “jog” with the sole purpose of going past a Gail’s and picking up these freshly baked, warm pastries, filled with melting chocolate and almond paste, topped with flaked almonds and icing sugar. It makes the exercise worthwhile.

When Gail’s PR got in touch and asked if I would be interested in reviewing the Christmas range, well, how could I say no? Who could? My mum was due to arrive for an unplanned visit and she is, afterall, one half of where I inherited my chocolate obsession.  A package was delivered to my home. By the time I got home it was minus one brownie.  I had forgotten to warn my boyfriend it was coming to review. Cheeky. Luckily Gail’s sent two, along with two gingerbread reindeers and a beautiful Chocolate and Cherry Cake.

Gail's Christmas BrownieStudded with rum soaked raisins that just provide small hints of Christmas deliciousness, this could easily be sold year round. (Hopefully the chef is reading…) And, how good is that slogan? Man cannot live on bread alone. He needs chocolate too. Or maybe that’s just me…

The most impressive piece in my bag was the Chocolate and Cherry Cake, described as a “rich, dense, boozy chocolate and cherry cake, steeped with plenty of rum”. Oh yes it is.  Possibly the most alcoholic cake I’ve ever tasted. The plus side of this means that, along with its intense chocolate hit, you really will only need small slices to keep everyone happy.  I suppose if you give them big slices they will be very happy! It’s not a big cake but it will go a long way.  The downside of the fact that this cake might even be more loaded with alcohol than the uninvited Christmas guest, is that it’s really difficult to pick up on any cherry flavour.  In true Christmas cake or pudding style, there are also small pieces of almond throughout, something you may want to know before you buy.

Gail's Christmas chocolate cakeMy mum couldn’t even finish her slice in one sitting. That might be due to jet lag but I’d say fair testament that even a hardened chocoholic won’t be too offended by receiving a small slice once they take the first bite. It is truly rich, fudgy and pudding-like. Different, and delicious.

If you want to skip making dessert this year then get your orders in – last day is tomorrow (Dec 19th)!Gail's cake box

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  1. Dom Ramsey says:

    Completely agree about the cake! So much alcohol in it even I could only manage a couple of slices. Nothing wrong with alcohol but you’ve got to be able to taste the chocolate too!

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