Competition: Win Sir Hans Sloane Christmas Truffles

Update: This competition is now closed. Congragulations to our winners Sharon and Petra!

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Bill McCarrick of Sir Hans Sloane is one of my favourite chocolatiers, so when I bought some of these warm and spicy Christmas pudding shaped truffles recently, I was delighted when he gave me another box to give away free to World Chocolate Guide readers.

These “Sloane Street” boxes contain ten deliciously Christmassy with a warm ginger ganache filling, perfect for sharing around at Christmas parties, or just keeping to yourself.

How To Win

If you want to be in with a chance of winning these wonderful chocolates, just leave a comment below, telling us what your favourite Christmas dessert is and why. Christmas pudding? Cake? A family tradition, or something more obscure? Let us know!

For the chance to win an extra prize (a random selection from our chocolate stash), find and rate your favourite chocolate shop on our map as well.

We’ll pick a winner of Sunday 18th December. Competition open to UK residents only, one entry per household.

Good luck!

Update: This competition is now closed

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  1. Donna Sadler says:

    I just LOVE my mothers homemade Christmas Puddings! She starts making them in October and feeds them whiskey every few days. They are AMAZEBALLS! lol……full of beautiful fruit, nuts, orange and lemon zest, plump raisins and much more….we tend to have the pudding many times over a few days and I love it served with Ice Cream, custard, squirty cream and even Double Cream! Brandy sauce is quite nice but you simply CANNOT beat CLOTTED CREAM! mmmmmmmmmm, nom nom nom, VERY naughty but extremely nice! (I have just felt my waistband tighten and theres still 11 days to go LOL) Merry Christmas Ladies and Gents xxx

  2. xcardiffbirdx says:

    Oh dear, my above comment didnt appear under my member name for some reason??, would it be possible for you to remember that its from me please?? Many thanks. D Sadler. aka xcardiffbird. xxx

  3. amelia avossa says:

    chrismas pud!! because its tasty and traditon wouldnt be xmas without it

  4. Huw says:

    We always have a summer pudding! Made with frozen berries from many months before and stale bread, it’s wonderful!

  5. sharon griffin says:

    i love homemade bread pudding especially when it is still warm from the oven. my nan used to make it for me when i was little and i can remember having it on picnics at the coast in the summer x

  6. Marie Prekndreaj says:

    It has to be the hot mince pies with custard. Just so yummy :-)

  7. Petra says:

    Bread and butter pudding – I make individual little ones by putting diced bread in small ramekins and cover with plump soaked raisins, cream, butter and cinnamon. Very cute and very yummy.

  8. iain maciver says:

    christmas pudding and lashings of cream

  9. Nicole C says:

    My favourite Christmas dessert is Trifle. Not any Trifle but raspberry Amaretto Trifle with bananas and lots of sponge soaking up sherry at the bottom, layered with peaches and strawberries and mashed up raspberries with a genourous layer of custard and whipped cread and of course grated milk chocolate with a cut strawberry pattern on top. OMG I can’t wait for my Christmas desssert!!! :P

  10. SANDIE says:

    Christmas pud with custard, not rum sauce! :-)

  11. Maureen Veney says:

    Christmas pudd with brandy butter :)

  12. Lux says:

    My aunt always makes a Sachertorte. Magically delicious.

  13. Gwyn says:

    Quite partial to a nice slice of Stollen. But I think it may have something to do with my Almond addiction!

  14. Sally Smith says:

    it’s got to be Christmas Pudding!

  15. Isobelle Forde says:

    I love my best friends warm Pear and Ginger Tart is amazing and i can eat loads of it :)

  16. Mark Whittaker says:

    I always make a chocolate mouse with a sharper home-made mincemeat layer underneath. Do try to make ginger tuiles too but, though they are getting better, find them so difficult to get right. As we usually have shop bought brandy snaps at the back of some cupboard or other its never a complete disaster !

  17. Margherita pellegrino says:

    Panettone of course, because I’m Italian! :)

  18. Karen McIntosh says:

    I make a huge fruit, creamy trifle for all the family. However big it is there is never any left though – too scrummy for words

  19. Juls says:

    Due to my father and sister’s reluctance to eat Christmas Pudding and their dual hatred of marzipan (which I never shared and was always very sad) ruling out christmas cake, we used to eat Dutch Apple pie – it has enough christmassy spices in it to be somewhat classed as festive (nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and then cardomom, mace and pepper) as well as a healthy dollop of apples and raisins and a glug of brandy. It may never have been conventional, but it was always awesome and I carry on that tradition!

  20. kaori Umamoto says:

    Bread and Butter pudding! XXXX

  21. Louise Middleton says:

    I make my own black forest trifle, which the family demolish between them. It’s made with chocolate swiss roll instead of sponge, black cherries, cherry jelly and chocolate custard, it,s quite simply…Delicious ♥

  22. Sarah Arnett says:

    Mine is birthday cake! Its my mums birthday on Christmas Day so we always have birthday cake as pudding!

  23. Nancy Townsend says:


  24. claire woods says:

    Christmas Pudding as we only get it once a year.

  25. Ami Pilbrow says:

    I really don’t like Christmas cake or Christmas pudding but stollen is rather yummy.

  26. nikki hilton says:

    Why Pumpkin Pie of course! Ultimate Yummm!

  27. LynneH says:

    I love making Christmas puddings, but I prefer to follow a huge dinner with something lighter; christmas pudding ice cream fits the bill

  28. Sue McCarthy says:

    Puff pastry mince pies – because they are only available at Christmas!

  29. Laura Pritchard says:

    My mum’s Chocolate Crunch – it’s so amazing, sticky & chocolatey…& she only ever makes it at Christmas now we’re not living at home!

  30. Donna Gilligan says:

    Sherry trifle, because it’s indulgent without being too stodgy

  31. Greig spencer says:

    mince pies and brandy cream super yummy lol

  32. sue says:

    a fresh strawberry pavlova, nice and light after a xmas dinner.

  33. Margaret Akel says:

    Christmas pudding with both custard and Brandy butter

  34. barbara clarke says:

    I don’t like christmas pudding or cake so I would have a chocolate sponge with lots of gooey chocolate sauce

  35. Paul Ellams says:

    My Mums home made mince pies, Because they just melt in the mouth.

  36. laura banks says:

    its gotta be my home made mince pies but if i had to choose something i can’t make it would be genoa cake

  37. Pamela Cook says:

    It just has to be mince pies, homemade with lots of brandy and then lashings of homemade brandy butter on top! Who wouldn’t feel happy after that!

  38. Vanessa Crowley says:

    mine is christmas pudding, its really nice after christmas dinner and really christmassy

  39. clair says:

    xmas pudding with lots of brandy sauce yum

  40. Daisy Bryan says:

    Bread and butter pudding for me, yum yum! :)

  41. Ben Andrews says:

    Apple Crumble with Custard (None of my family like Xmas Puds or Mince Pies!)

  42. alexandra ball says:

    Baileys bomb. just yummy.

  43. Anita says:

    pine tarts

  44. Jan McConkey says:

    Christmas pud, made by mother in law, perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. It has to be the traditional Christmas Pudding with Brandy Sauce, not with gravy like my granddad used to eat it.

  46. laura stewart says:

    choclate cake and custard

  47. Hazel says:

    Christmas Pudding because it smells like Christmas!

  48. Bonnie King says:

    My partner’s bread and butter pudding with apricot jam, raisins, cinnamon and pears with homemade custard yummy.

  49. shelagh milne says:

    I love mince pies with clotted cream

  50. laura stone says:

    Chocolate Gateau :)

  51. sally hall says:

    mince pies but have to be gluten free now!

  52. deborah davies says:

    its got to be christmas pud and fresh cream yum yum…. cant wait!!! :o)

  53. Jill Osborne says:

    My favourite is a pavlova filled with raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants that I harvested from my garden and stored in the freezer. Lighter than christmas pud, reminds me of summer and if it goes wrong, I can just mix it all up together and call it Eton Mess!

  54. Tom says:

    Christmas pudding is my favourite christmas dessert – my mother stores hers for a year to make it extra special and mature.

  55. Paul Tucker says:

    My favourite pudding is my partners homemade Fudge Tart. Tastes delicious when piping hot with double cream poured all over. Bad for the diet, but hey its Christmas!

  56. sharon says:

    Tis the season to eat chocolate!!
    The more chocolate the dessert has on it the better, Dark choc mud pie is my idea of heaven :-)

  57. kim plant says:

    am i aloud to say whipped cream and strawberry sauce all over my fella? lol merry xmas xx

  58. Dan Spencer says:

    Definitely has to be trifle- I don’t normally eat it, but a trifle filled with booze is great at crimbo!


  59. Pauline Wilson says:

    I know its not very Christmassy but we always have sum kind of chocolate gateau/profiterole type dessert. I hate traditional puds like xmas pudding or trifle. It has to be CHOCOLATE!

  60. Martina Pichova says:

    Apple strudel – my granny used to make it from scratch, I use a ready-made pastry …

  61. John Banks says:

    There is nothing better than a rich Christmas pudding as it is a fitting end to hopefully the most memorable meal of the year!

  62. Laura Carroll says:

    My favourite is Christmas cake because of the thick, yummy Royal icing and marzipan that my mum covers it in! When I was younger I used to just eat the marzipan and icing but now that I’m an adult I behave myself and eat the cake as well! It’s so special as you don’t have it any other time of year!

  63. Herbert Appleby says:

    Christmass pud with single cream and brandy butter because I’m worth it. :)

  64. Wendy Tyler says:

    I love them all, but Dundee cake is a personal favourite as it is lighter than Christmas cake and I love almonds!

  65. Patricia Walker says:

    I just adore christmas cake with all the gorgeous fruit in it that has been steeped in brandy!

  66. Nicola Stephenson says:

    Xmas pud with lashing of cool, clotted cream mmm!

  67. Kathleen Connolly says:

    Christmas isn’t Christmas without Christmas Pudding – It’s traditional and I love it :-D

  68. peter says:

    Christmas cake …………………it always seems to taste nicer at this time of year

  69. joanne liddement says:

    It has to be home-made christmas pudding ice cream.Much lighter to eat after a roast dinner

  70. pjo77 says:

    We all love Christmas pudding so much that we have to try out lots during December. Each recipe needs careful consideration and we rarely agree on which is best. In order to make Christmas Day a little different my daughter is going to bake gingerbread cupcakes with toffee and cinnamon topping. Of course we’ll all enjoy chocolates afterwards.

  71. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir says:

    We always have Christmas pudding with clotted cream, and don’t forget the silver six-pence coin.

  72. Kevin Honey says:

    Christmas pudding. Delicious and traditional

  73. Penny Hevey says:

    Trifle!!!!! :D

  74. Ruth Holmes says:

    I don’t like christmas pudding, so my favourite dessert has to be cheesecake- particularly a chocolatey one!

  75. Steph Armstrong says:

    Homemade Christmas Pudding with homemade Rum sauce or Rum Butter – wow – it can’t be beaten. Both recipes have been in the family for the last 100 years or so – its such a tradition.

  76. Angie Hoggett says:

    Chestnut and Chocolate Truffle Tart, very rich and decadent but hey it’s Christmas!!

  77. SUSAN HALL says:

    Mince pies and clotted cream .. we we are in Devon its expected! .. and Yummy of course

  78. Margaret Farmer says:

    Christmas Pudding with Brandy Sauce

  79. Becky Downey says:

    YULE agree it has to be profiteroles. The LITTLE DEERS love it and go CRACKERS for it!

  80. Sheri Darby says:

    Has to be Sherry Trifle – my signature dessert!!

  81. Jayne K says:

    Homemade Christmas pudding made with lots of nuts and cherry brandy. Served with fresh single cream.

  82. Fran Light says:

    My favourite Christmas dessert is my Mum’s trifle. She makes the jelly with real fruit (raspberries, blackberries and the like) and puts in several generous glugs of Amaretto. Every year my Dad and I have a friendly ‘tussle’ over which one of us gets the final helping – it’s somethign of a ritual in our house!

  83. Champaklal Lad says:

    Strawberry Ice Cream

  84. Erin Prendergast says:

    Christmas pudding for me, with homemade custard if possible!

  85. Karen says:

    I love Christmas Pudding with white sauce

  86. DANA says:

    I like stollen because it’s rich and full of fruit (but no alcohol)

  87. Sheila Reeves says:

    Home-made Christmas Pudding, made to my Grandmothers very vague recipe, think it’s my favourite because it’s a once a year treat :)

  88. Brandy snaps with whipped cream and salted caramel sauce. It would be a christmas pud but generally after dinner we’re way too stuffed to fit a cake in. A few brandy snaps are perfect!

  89. georgina says:

    I love christmas pudding and all the fruit and alcohol what goes in it as its the only time i eat it at xmas time and i always look forward to eating it with custard

  90. Judith says:

    Tunis cake

  91. Claire D says:

    Christmas wouldnt be Christmas without my mums homemade mince pies

  92. Sophie Ashley says:

    Chocolate Log, its chocolaty, its yummy, and everyone loves it! Thick chocolate butter cream on a chocolate spongecake = BLISS!

  93. Maria Messruther says:

    Homemade trifle, lovely large luscious strawberries, jelly, biscuits, homemade custard with vanilla flavouring and whipped cream with chopped strawberries on top

  94. scott stevens says:

    Having homemade xmas pudding, flamed with grand marnier, and lots of ganache chocs with coffee afterwards – filling and frankly rather too much for me; but it’s a tradition

  95. Jackie Foster says:

    I have a recipe for old english trifle , made with Real custard, Marachino cherries and Amaretti Biscuits . Its been a firm favourite in our family at Christmas for years x

  96. anita oliver says:

    simply homemade mince pies with extra thick double cream :)

  97. Beverley says:

    I love Christmas pudding. Traditional, tasty and so full of calories you can only legally eat it once a year!