Co Couture’s first chocolate shop in Belfast

I popped into Belfast City Centre this week, as you do. I’ve been a fan of Co Couture chocolates since I first encountered Deirdre at the Southbank chocolate festival a few years ago so I was very pleased to hear that things were growing and going so well to allow her to open a shop in Belfast.

The Lucky (Northern) Irish. The shop is beautiful. It’s glossy and clean and feels bright and spacious, although it is lower ground. There are two white tables where you can sit and enjoy one of the most delicious hot chocolates I’ve ever had, topped with Deirdre’s homemade marshmallows that melt and add a sweet, creamy edge to the thick, rich chocolate. I took mine with me to the airport and it certainly took the edge off queuing. :-)

The chocolates are beautifully displayed and as well as Deirde’s own bars, filled couture chocolates, chocolate honeycomb, popcorn and hazelnuts, you can also buy Grenada Chocolate bars and Willie’s chocolate bars too. It’s incredibly conveniently located on Chichester Street, just a few steps from M&S.

In full disclosure, Deirdre wouldn’t let me pay for the hot chocolate or the other treats she gave me that I’m still enjoying as I write this, but I would have said everything just as positively. Deirdre and her brother, who helps her in the shop and at the festivals, are both lovely and the chocolates, made mostly with Valrhona chocolate, are divine. My personal favourite is the dark chocolate praline, and the chocolate covered popcorn is far too moreish.

Co Couture
7 Chichester Street,
Co Antrim

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  1. jicci7 says:

    It is Very difficult to choose a favourite chocolate from this shop.
    Just now had a Co Couture Minibar… So the Rose 70% is my favourite right now.
    (But can’t wait to discover another very soon.)

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