Chocolate Unwrapped in the UK

My friend Kate has started a phenomena. She actually started it years ago, but this year #chocolateweek started trending worldwide on Twitter and all around the world people were talking about the Hershey bar they just had to have or how they planned to celebrate Chocolate Week by making a chocolate cake. The most common comment seemed to be “isn’t every week Chocolate Week?”. It is for me! What’s special about this week is in the UK at least, and especially in London, all of the best chocolatiers are putting on extra special chocolate events. Chocolate dinners and pairings of chocolate with whisky or cheese.  My own Chocolate Week Chocolate Tours included a demonstration of chocolate candle making and a chocolate afternoon tea (complete with Choc-chip scones and the most divine chocolate cheesecake).

The highlight of Chocolate Week is Chocolate Unwrapped, an exhibition of chocolate held this weekend at Vinopolis  near London Bridge.  This is Kate’s main baby and this year it was a truly impressive event, filling two gorgeous, high-arched brick rooms, teeming with chocolatiers and chocolate makers and members of the public keen to taste, and to spend. It’s £10 to get in and the exhibitors were generous with their samples. So much so that some had sold all the stock they brought with them for the weekend by 5pm yesterday.

There were evens brands there that I had never heard of, or some that I had but had not yet been able to taste. I’m heading off to my Belgravia Chocolate Tour now but if you’re on your way to Chocolate Unwrapped make sure you check out Benoit’s bean to bar chocolate bars in the corner, and Abanico in almost the diagonal opposite corner of the two rooms, and Idilio bean-to-bar on the far back wall and Rasmus Bojesaan’s single bean-to-bar bar near the Chocolate & Love stand. These are all ones you won’t find anywhere else in London.  Every single stand has something delicious to taste though. Have fun! Later we’ll put another post with some interviews we took on the day.

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