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Baruzzo’s new Summer Chocolate range

I first met Raffaella around the time I started Chocolate Ecstasy Tours. She was working at Rococo at the time, managing the two shops and helping to open the third. She was as crazy about chocolate as I was (and … Continue reading

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Paul A. Young opens his third chocolate boutique

Come and worship at the altar of Paul A Young’s new chocolate shop! Oh, my Catholic father would not like that sentence. However, it is not blasphemous, because Paul has actually acquired a former altar to act as the main … Continue reading

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An Australian Revolution of Chocolate

Me in the “Szalon” at Mámor Chocolates. Tres glam. Ah, Australia. The country I spent most of my school years in. Where I grew up drinking Cadbury hot chocolate for breakfast every morning and Milo after school, and eating plenty … Continue reading

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