World Chocolate Guide iPhone App

The World Chocolate Guide App for iPhone, iPad and Android is now available from the iTunes App Store and Android Market.

Find the best chocolate shops around you and around the world on our chocolate map. Filter your search by by shop features (Do they sell pastries and cakes? Can I get a hot chocolate?) and view detailed descriptions, photo galleries and ratings.

Just click the App Store button above to download the app for free, or search the app store for “Chocolate Guide”. If you can’t find it, visit this page on your device (, then click the link to launch the App Store.

Chocolate Guide App Features

  • Shows the closest 50 shops
  • Use the ‘Filter’ button to show only shops that serve fresh chocs, hot chocolate, etc.
  • Filter is persistent on list of shops and map pane.
  • On the map pane, the blue dot shows your location. Pinch to zoom the map to show a wider area.
  • The blue dot can be dragged to set a new location (based on selected filters. The shop list will be updated accordingly.
  • Click the ‘Locate Me’ button to set the dot back to your current location.
  • Click a brand on the brands list to show the closest retailers of that brand, sorted by distance.

New in Version 1.1

  • Landscape mode (iPhone/iPad)
  • Zoomable photo galleries (iPhone/iPad)
  • Saves your last known location if GPS not available
  • Updated graphics
  • Speed & stability improvements

App Support

If you’re having problems with the app or just have questions, comments or suggestions, get in touch and we’ll get get back to you as soon as we can. We intend to keep developing the app based on your feedback, so do let us know what you think!

And don’t forget to rate the app in the App Store & Android Market!

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