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Hans Sloane Dark Hot Chocolate with Kokos Coconut Milk

Hot Chocolate weather is back… And the supermarkets are stocking Hans Sloane!

Typically this blog is about behind-the-scenes visits and one-off event reports, but today it’s just about good ol’ hot chocolate because it’s been grey all week and the thoughts of this delicious drink have been never far from the top … Continue reading

100% chocolate & Vintage Port smaller

Pairing Churchill’s Port with Paul A Young Fine Chocolates

My first encounter with port was tasting my mum’s port and lemonade at Christmas. I must have been about 13.  Looking back it seems like an abomination. At the time I thought it was a great way to mask the … Continue reading

Grating lime zest

White Chocolate Lime Mousse with Pomegranate Chia Jelly recipe for the Godiva Challenge

You may have seen this picture of the dessert I created last month as part of a Godiva Challenge on Instagram or Facebook.  Well, the final challenge happened whilst I was in Australia, with some very impressive looking desserts which … Continue reading

milk chocolate

Chocoa Chocolate Festival in Amsterdam

Last October I travelled to Amsterdam for the Origins Chocolate event, partly as an excuse to visit a dear, equally chocolate-obsessed friend who lives in The Hague. I was so impressed with the day that I made plans to come back this … Continue reading

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